Monday, August 27, 2007

Warning: Earthbound Farms produce

Earthbound Farms produce has not been on our list, but I want to extend a warning that NONE of their salad greens or vegetables are safe for the sensitive corn reactive individual.

According to this post it has now been confirmed by the company that all produce is washed in a very small amount of citric acid.

Therefore, any products from Earthbound Farms will not be appearing on our list, despite their apparent lack of additives. Please be advised that some store brand bagged produce may actually be from Earthbound farms; so double check with a produce manager before using if you are sensitive to small amounts of corn derivatives. Whole Foods has confirmed that their bagged salads are provided by Earthbound Farms.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Perky O's Cereal

Perky O's cereal is often asked about.. "Why isn't this on the list?"

Most of us are extremely leery of products with enrichments as often those enrichments are either from corn, or contain some kind of corn stabilizer or carrier.

Enjoy Life: Perky's has confirmed with one of the Delphi members that the Vitamin C in the Perky O's cereal is obtained from corn.

If you are eating this product, do be careful. Reactions to this product have also been reported in the past.

Road's End Organics

Road's End Organics is making its debut on the list next update. The company makes several products from faux cheese to delicious gravies.

The company specifies clearly on their site: "We also do not use any corn or corn by-products in any of our products or in our facility at all." Their products are also entirely vegan, so none contain milk or egg products either. They also carry a few gluten-free products as well.

At this time I'm not aware of anyone having any corn-related problems with their products.

I've heard several people love their chreese (faux cheese) products, but do be cautious if you have a legume/bean allergy as these are bean based.

I have tried and used their gravy mixes. My favorites were:
Shitake Mushroom (awesome by itself or with actual mushrooms added. Great on steak.)
Savory Herb Gravy (great with chicken or beef)

The Golden Gravy mix was good, but kinda blandish.. it works as a great base to add carmelized onions or dried onions, or any other interesting embellishment you feel creative enough to add.

*** Also as a bonus to their site at the bottom of their homepage, there is a store locator which is very useful for finding healthfood stores that you may not already know about.

Great Harvest Breads

Great Harvest Bread Co. makes some really great breads. Unfortunately, they also dust many of them with corn starch when baking.

Please use caution when trialing any of their breads as cross-contamination is pretty high.

My local Great Harvest has one slicer that they use for all the breads, corn-dusted or not, and the slicer is not cleaned between breads. They also place the breads unbagged on the same surfaces as corn-dusted breads for storage during the day.

While some of their breads may be corn-free in its ingredients, do use extreme caution.