Saturday, June 25, 2011

Corn-Free & Gluten-free List - information

Our Corn-Free & Gluten-free List can be found in the following Google Document link. This is updated on and off and may be more current than this post shows as a new post is not made every time the list is updated. It was last updated last week, and will be periodically updated as needed.

Corn-Free and Gluten-Free List [LINK to Google Docs]

Note that I am now keeping track of products that have been removed either due to multiple corn reactions being reported or company ingredient change verifications by adding an x before the name of a product and using the strike out writing feature. I'll try to remember to put a note about why it's been removed.

Also, just a reminder that this list is intended only to be used as a guideline. There may be many more products out there that are corn free. If you know of some, let us know! When they are confirmed by trial and/or company confirmation they'll go on the list. Also, ingredients change quickly. Although the list is kept current to the best of my ability, I can't possibly keep up with potential ingredient or supplier changes. So always double check ingredients before using a product. If there is a product listed in error, or something has changed, let me know so I can update the list. Thanks!!!

(Please contact Violets for any problems or additions to this list. Thank you.)


Sara, Justin, Simon and Max said...

Thank you for this blog! My son has a corn allergy and we're going on a road trip, so I got some snack ideas from you! :) Thanks! I can't find the corn- and gluten-free list. Where is the link to the Google documents? I'm GF myself so this would be sooo helpful! Thank you!

Violets said...

Hi Sara,
You can click on the title "corn free and gluten free list" in this post or I'll c&p below:
Hope that works for you!!!

Anonymous said...

i can NOT, for the life of me, get this to open in MY google documents. i feel like an idiot. violets, can you send it straight to my email?
thank you!

Anonymous said...

Could you please send me an updated link to I can't for the life of me open this doc!

Von said...

This list is posted on Google Docs. It is the only way this list is posted.

To make sure you can access it, you'll need to make sure you're logged into your Google Account before going to the link posted here. The link in the post should work for you, or the link that Violets posted in the comments here. There is no other link to it.

If you're still unable to access it, you'll have to use the main list (link to it can be found on our homepage on the sidebar).

We are sorry for any inconvience you might have, but so far this is a free service.

MontaGael said...

Beanitos chips are gluten- and corn-free.

Missy said...

Thanks for this! Awesome!

silvluca said...

Same problem as anonymous above. I can open the file and view it in my browser, but can't do anything with it (export, print in a useable format, etc) because I can't open it within MY docs on googledocs . . . I've also tried searching for the title from within googledocs and can't find it that way either. Could you check the settings you've used for the file? I think the problem is the https in the link may be restricting access, but I'm just guessing . . . I don't use googledocs much . . . Can you provide any information OTHER THAN repeating the same link over and over?

Von said...

Silvluca - I see what you're saying. You should be able to print from your browser and save to a pdf from your browser.

Violets said...

I'm trying to figure this out.
I have it set so that it can be viewed by anyone with a link. According to Google, this means you should be able to export it but not edit it. I don't want it set so that anyone with a link can edit it (I've learned by experience we just get the same things added and deleted) But I do want you to be able to download it and print it for use.
Are you able to access it while signed in to google? Are you using Firefox or IE?
Thanks for your patience!

Anonymous said...

I just want to say thank you for this website it really does help. I am truly grateful to know that there are websites out here that is willing to help with knowing what you can or can't have in your everyday life while dealing with these certain issues. Again thank you this is most helpful. (all smiles) :-)

mercedes said...

If anyone misses a commercial cereal, Safeway's Rice Pockets is gluten and corn free, and very yummy.

Everyone should beware of cane sugar. It is closely related to corn and can cause a cross reaction. So, if you are reacting to products that appear corn free, check the kind of sugar. Only beat sugar is completely safe. I make sure I space out my consumption of sugar cane products to avoid a reaction.

Thank you so much for this blog!

Von said...

Unfortunately beet sugar isn't always safe either as corntamination can happen with that as well.

It is relatively rare among the corn allergic to be allergic to cane sugar. Not that it doesn't happen, but it's not one of the more common cross-reactions.

People should always use caution with products in the grass family and be aware of what they're eating.

Anonymous said...

WARNING! We recently called Costco about their pre-shredded bag of Kirkland Mozzarella, and they said it may contain gluten; however, their block of mozzarella is GF and Corn-free. I apologize for the all caps, but it's a pretty important F.Y.I.


Jessicavox said...

I called bisquick and was told that the gluten free bisquick does not contain corn. It's really good.

Jeff said...

Thanks for this list. The google doc, while viewable, is formatted very unfriendly for a printer.

I don't have any export options and best I could do was print it landscape at 50% of its size.

I work with technology and would be happy to find a formatting solution that would be friendly to your readers (while maintaining the integrity of your data input).



Jeff said...

p.s. the allergies my family has are corn, gluten and dairy.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone verify whether or not these products are corn free? Lows Naturals Garret Valley: All Natural Uncured Black Forest ham and Beeler's All Natural Uncured Boneless Ham? Low's website lists the ham as Not having any corn. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just found out that Willow Run Margarine is no longer being made! What does everyone else who's corn. gluten, and dairy free use?

JenMKconsultant said...

My son is GF & CF. We have found that Reed's Butterscotch Beer to be gluten & corn free. The company confirmed free to me in April 2012.
We smuggled in a bottle for him when we went to Universal Studios/Harry Potter world... along w/a thermal of his icecream so he could have a float.
It was wonderful & tasted like the Butterbeer sold at the park. It's a little pricey & hard to find here (Whole Foods doesn't sell it.)
Here is the link to the item:

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this resource! :-)