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Corn-Free Foods & Products List - July 2014

Corn-Free Foods & Products List – Current only at the time of posting.
This is not a guarantee of corn-free, but foods that I in conjunction with others have investigated and tested. Since we all have different sensitivities, use this more as a guide and less as a bible. Some of these foods I haven’t tried and have relied on other’s experiences, as some of these products are either not available in my area or I must avoid them for other reasons.
Read labels every time you buy a product, and be cautious. If anyone has had problems with anything listed here, please do let us know.
Some items on the list have reported corn in them (mostly medications). These have been left on the list, with the source of corn noted on the side.  These are left on the list as they may be needed in an emergency, and an educated decision is best at these times.
MC – Company/Manufacturer confirms or claims product to be corn-free.
MC 10/06 – Date last confirmed with company.
? – Items thought to be corn-free. Successfully eaten by at least one person, but more   confirmation is needed.
Untested – Thought to be corn-free, but no one has tested it to my knowledge.
Reported Reactions – Reactions have been reported, but may or may not be corn related. Use with caution.
KFP = Kosher For Passover (may only be available during Passover season)
GFCF = Gluten-Free/Casein-Free
GF = Gluten-free (Gluten status is not always up-to-date on this list. Please check the gluten-free version of this list for more up-to-date gluten-free & corn-free products)

Baby Food:
Alimentum (Ready To Feed) Baby Formula

Sprout Organic Baby Food - some varieties? (if contains citric, ascorbic, or acetic acids is not safe)
Ella’s Kitchen - some varieties? (if contains lemon juice concentrate or actual corn it is not safe)
Sprout Organic Foods - some varieties? (if contains lemon juice concentrate or actual corn it is not safe)

(see also cereals or grains section for more possible options)
Baking/Cooking Products: (basic ingredients for cooking/baking usually found in the baking aisle)
Daisy Flour (added 2/12)
Kroger Naturally Preferred Unbleached Flour (human tested 2010)
Whole Foods 365 Organic Flours (should list just wheat on ingredients)

Non-Gluten-based: (not a guarantee of gluten-free)
Authentic Foods - All Flours ? (added 2/13)
Authentic Foods - Tapioca Flour
Authentic Foods - Rice Flours (brown & white) - added 2/13
Authentic Foods - Potato Starch - added 2/13
Benefit Your Life - Blanched Almond Flour - (added 2/13) uses steam.
Best Cooking Pulses: Garbanzo (Chickpea) Flour MC 11/12
Koda Farms – Mochiko Flour MC 1/07 GF (same as TJ’s sweet rice flour)
Maskal Teff Flour (GF) 2/13
Tropical Traditions Coconut Flour

Gluten replacements: Tapioca Flour (replace ¼=1/2 of the flour in recipe), Guar gum or ground psyllium seed husks (use same as Xanthan Gum in recipes)

Starches/Thickeners: (see also gf flours section for possible brands)
Arrowroot Powder (GF)
Potato Starch (GF)
Tapioca Starch (GF)

Raising Agents/Yeasts:
Cream of Tartar GF (some are unsafe, use caution)
(use ½ tsp cream of tartar and ¼ tsp baking soda to replace 1 tsp of baking powder)
Featherweight Baking Powder (potato starch) GF
Baking Soda (various brands - avoid ingesting any “Fridge Fresh” formulations) GF
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda - GF edited 11/12  reactions reported
Karlin’s Finest Baking Soda
Yeast: (ingredients should read “Yeast” with nothing else)
Red Star active dry yeast - in packets only. (GF) MC 6/11 (grown on molasses)
SAF Traditional Active Dry yeast -in packets only MC 8/11 (same product as Red Star)
Bakipan Active Dry yeast - in packets only. MC 8/11 (same product as Red Star - Canadian version)
King Arthur – Classic New England SourDough Starter MC 12/06

Spectrum Shortening GF (original unflavored only) reactions reported
Tropical Traditions Palm Shortening
Cane Sugar/Syrups:
C&H Pure Cane Sugar GF
C&H Pure Cane Baker’s Sugar (finer ground sugar) GF
C&H Brown Sugar GF
Dixie Crystals 100% Pure Cane Sugar
Domino Sugar
Domino Light Brown Sugar GF
Imperial Pure cane sugar
Imperial Brown sugar

O Organics Powdered Sugar - cane sugar & tapioca MC 6/12 untested
Trader Joe’s Powdered Sugar - seasonal (check labels)
Whole Foods 365 Powdered Sugar - cane sugar & tapioca only (check labels)

Plantation Molasses (added 2/13) reactions reported
Lyle's Golden Syrup (British import)

Beet Sugar/Syrups:
Pioneer Sugar, Big Chief, Peninsular Sugar – Michigan Sugar Company – Beet Sugar
Beet Sugar

Dan Sukker Light & Dark Syrups (beet) ? Ikea
Grafshafter Goldsaft - Sugar Beet Syrup

Locally produced Honey (preferably from a farmer’s market where you can double check source. Some store bought honey contains corn syrup to lower costs, some bees are fed corn syrup in winter and it gets into the honey)
Imported Honey – some imported honey’s are safe, esp imports from non-corn growing countries.
Howland's Honey (Canadian) ?
Maple Syrup:
Pure Maple Syrup (make certain its 100% pure & not flavored with no defoamer - this sounds a lot easier than it is. Most often a maple syrup seems to do well with everyone for a while, then it doesn’t. Which is why none are listed here currently.)

SweetLeaf Stevia Extract, Powder ? (added 6/11)
Kal Pure Stevia Organic Extract Unflavored ?  (added 6/11)
Trader Joe’s Organic 100% Pure Stevia Extract – 622 Servings ?  (added 6/11)

Great Lakes Gelatin (grass-fed beef/pork sourced) MC 2/12 (reactions reported)
Knox Unflavored Gelatin (GF) (reactions reported)
Ko-jel gelatin (kosher for passover) – derived from fishbones. Carageenan is from seaweed.

Tapioca Pearls (various brands)

Kosher for Passover Marshmallows – Elyon Kosher (generally available Jan – end of April)
Cocoa/Baking Chocolate: (see also candy)
Ah-Laska unsweetened Organic Bakers Cocoa powder GF (possible soy contamination) reactions reported
Droste Cocoa from Holland (KFP)
Kosher for Passover Chocolate Chips (KFP) – read labels.
Leiber’s KFP Real Chocolate Chips (sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa)

Rapunzel Semi-Sweet 55% bars ?
Flavorings/Food Coloring:
Boyajian’s Pure Citrus Oils (lime, lemon, orange, tangerine) GF
Vanilla – homemade: One Pint potato vodka with 2 vanilla beans – set for 4-6 weeks before use – Ground Vanilla Beans, Vanilla Sugar MC 8/06
Arizona Vanilla (ground & whole beans only)
Vanilla Products USA - Ebay Store - whole vanilla beans
Food Coloring: check for homemade recipes online.
Pie Shells:
Mother Nature’s Goodies – Pie Shells MC 11/06 909-795-6018 (untested) contains soy.
Wholly Wholesome Pie Shells
Baking Mixes:
Dr. Oetker – German Streusel, Organic Chocolate, Organic Marble Cake. Only. MC
Golden Potato Pancakes
Gluten-free Pantry – Danielle Chocolate Cake mix GF
Ceres Fruit Juices GF (reported reactions - use caution)
Knudsen “Just” juices (check labels) MC 4/06 GF
Santa Cruz Organic 100% juices - MC 4/11 (natural flavors may contain corn)
Apple - 365 Organic Apple Juice GF
Lakewood Organic Juices GF - PURE line only
Apple - Martinelli’s Apple Juice – (read labels ones with added Vit C are not safe)
Cherry - Bernard Janson’s Black Cherry Concentrate (can flavor compounded meds) GF
Grape - Cascadian Farms Organic Grape Juice Concentrate (frozen) – check labels
Grape - Kedem KFP Grape Juice GF (contains sulfites)
Lemon - 365 Organic Lemon juice (Whole Foods brand)
Lemon - Minute Maid Lemon Juice Concentrate (frozen)- read labels
Lemon - Santa Cruz Organic Lemon Juice MC 10/06
Lime - 365 Organic Lime juice (Whole Foods brand)
Lime - Frutmost Blend Limeade (very strong, add sparkling water. In fridge section)
Lime - Santa Cruz Organic Lime Juice MC 10/06
Mango - Looza Mango MF 11/2010 (only this flavor - read labels)
Orange - Italian Volcano Organic Blood Orange Juice ? (imported from Italy)
Plum - SunSweet Gold Label Prune Juice (not from concentrate) 64oz. ?

Beverage Mixes/Tea/Coffee:
St. Claire’s Hot Cocoa MC
Cocoa (see also baking section)
Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters - MC 2/13 - online purchases only
Café Cristina coffee MC 2008 (whole bean safe. reaction reported to ground)
Green Mountain Coffee ?
Kicking Horse Coffee (Canadian) ? (added 2/13) reactions reported to the cans.
Newman’s Own Organic French Roast ground coffee?
Swisswater process Decaf coffees?
Lipton Loose Tea MC 11/06
Kalahari Reserve Rooibos Tea, regular and chamomile
Messmer Herbal Teas (Germany) ? -tea in bags.
PG Tips –
Stash Teas – Plain teas ie: English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Peppermint, Chamomile, Fusion Green & White, Fusion Red & White, Green Tea, etc.  Also Chai Spice, Green Chai, and Lemon Spice.  MC 3/07
Tetley’s Green Tea
Traditional Medicinals Ginger Aid

Prepared Beverages/Sodas:
Cha Dao bottled teas ?

Ginger People – Ginger Soother MC 4/07 (natural flavor is only ginger solids)

GTS Kombucha (all)
Synergy Kombucha (all)

Maine Root sodas - all
Reed’s Premium Ginger Brew
SANS Soda MC 10/11 (acquired taste, no definitive reactions reported.)

Bottled Water/Sparking Water: (avoid Desani & Biota, and any with mineral additives - also watch for corn-based/biodegradable plastics.)
Artic Sol MC 2012
Crystal Geyser - flat water only - CG Roxane bottler.
Crystal Geyser - Alpine Spring Water - Reactions reported to Ouachita Spring (Norman, AK) source.
Crystal Springs - Blue Ridge GA source.
Ethos (Starbucks)
Iceland Glacier Water
Voss (Sparkling & Still) GF
Whole Foods 365 Spring Water
Various labels - bottled by CG Roxane - flat water only (read labels)

Canada Dry Sparkling water GF
Faygo Sparkling water GF
Gerolsteiner Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water
Perrier - in glass bottles ?
Voss Sparkling water GF

Breads: (soft – look for Crispbreads in Crackers Section)
Alvarado St. Bakery – buns, bagels, breads.
Cybros Rice Breads  GF
French Meadow Bread (all - except none of the GF products) – including bagels and pizza crusts
Pita Bread – some, but rare to find. Check ingredients. Avoid ascorbic acid and dough conditioners.
Candy/Bars/Dried Fruit/Nuts:
Dryden & Palmer Rock Candy – White Rock Candy (sticks may have cross-contamination. Colored do have corn.) MC 8/06
Giambri's Peppermint Candy Canes MC 12/2010
Ginger People candied ginger GF
GoNaturally Organic Hard Candies ? (possibly lemon, honey, ginger flavors) (reaction reported. use caution)
Panda Original Licorice
Reeds candied ginger
St. Claire Candies – all varieties GF
Lindt Excellence 70% or 85% Dark Chocolate ? GF reactions reported
Rapunzel Semi-Sweet 55% bars ? reactions reported
B-Fresh Gum MC 2010 reactions reported
Elite KFP Bazooka Gum (imported from Israel, KFP only) kitniot-free.
Glee Sugar-free Gum ? (xylitol from birch) (added 8/11) reaction reported.
Fruit, Dried/Fruit Snacks:
Made In Nature unsulfured dried fruit GF (Reactions reported)
Trader Joe’s unsulfured dried fruit (cranberries, mango, pineapple, etc) GF
Coconut - Kroger’s unsweetened coconut 1-800-632-6900
Cranberry - Eden’s Dried Cranberries (added 6/12)
Cherry - Mariani Dried Cherries MC 7/07
Cherry - Eden Dried Cherries
Grape - Newman’s Own Organic Raisins (canister last tested 6/12)
Grape - Trader Joe’s raisins (added 2/13)
Grape - Whole Kids organic unsulfured raisins?
Pineapple - Made In Nature Dried Pineapple (added 2/13)
Plum - Newman’s Own Organic Prunes

La Serena Roasted Chestnuts ? GF
Walgreen's Mixed Nuts - name has changed but it’s the fancy can ? (regular & lightly salted - sea salt)
Canned Goods: (see also soups/broths)
Eden Foods – Rice and Beans (all varieties) GF
Harris Teeter (HT) Naturals Refried Beans ?
Natural Value Canned Beans GF
Natural Value Refried Beans (black or pinto) GF
Trader Joe’s Organic Pinto, Black, Kidney beans. ?  GF
Trader Joe's Fully Cooked Brown Rice & Wild Rice MC 5/07 (shelf-stable, not an actual can)
Earth Fare Organic Unsweetened Apple Sauce ? (added 7/11)
Eden Organic Apple Sauce (unflavored) ? GF
Full Circle Organic Applesauce (apples, sugar)
HEB - Central Market Organics unsweetened applesauce (just apple) - jars & lunch packs.
Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Applesauce  MC 1/12 (ingredients: just apples or apples & water)
Whole Foods 365 Organic Applesauce (apples only) ?
Del Monte canned fruits - fruit, sugar, water only - if contains anything else its unsafe. - reactions reported
Canned fruits in juice. – Read labels and use extreme caution.
Trader Joe's Pineapple Chunks in Juice - MC 8/11

Bella Terra San Marzano Whole Tomatoes ? (tomato, puree, basil - if citric acid is listed it’s unsafe)
Cento canned tomato - check labels, do not use if citric acid listed.
Central Market (Texas HEB) Organics Whole Tomato ? (tomato, basil, check labels)
Eden Organic tomatoes GF (check labels)
Dellalo San Marzano Whole Tomatoes (tomato, basil) ?
Italian imported San Marzano DOP Whole Tomatoes (check labels do not use if citric acid is listed)
Del Monte Organic tomato paste MC 10/06 (citric acid is corn-based & labeled if used)
Contadina tomato paste (plain) GF
S&W Tomato Paste ? (Organic & Regular)
Alesse Marinara sauce? (smooth & chunky)
Lucini Pasta Sauces ? (check labels)
Silver Palate Sauces ? (check labels)
Del Monte – Canned Veg. (Salt not iodized. Labels reading: veg, salt, water. –will be corn-free) MC 8/06
Del Monte No-Salt green beans GF
Del Monte Beets?
Rocal vacuum packed beets ?
Full Circle Peas
Kroger No-Salt added canned vegetables GF
Publix Greenwise canned vegetables GF

Les Moulins Mahjoub Salted Capers ? (sea salt, capers)
Divina Olive and Roasted Peppers
Divina Katamala olives GF
Lapas Organic olives GF
Santa Barbara Olive Company – Jumbo Black olives GF
Tassos Stuffed Pimiento Green Olives in Sea Salt Brine (vinegar-free) GF
Tassos Olives GF
Libby’s Pumpkin – canned. (not pie mix, just pumpkin) GF reactions reported
ShariAnn’s Pumpkin Puree GF
Trader Joe’s Pumpkin – canned. GF

Frank's Kraut ? (added 6/11)
It's Alive! Dill Sauerkraut ? (probiotic food)
Real Pickles Naturally Fermented & Dill ?
Cereals: (see also Grains)
Cold Cereals:
Barbara’s Brown Rice Crisp Cereal – MC 2005 GF
Barbara’s Shredded Wheat
Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice GF 781-444-0440
Erewhon Raisin Bran
Erewhon Twice Rice
Fred Meyer - Private Selection Organic Raisin Bran MC 11/07 untested
Go Raw Granola Cereal ?
Perky’s Nutty Rice
Hot Cereals:
Lundberg Cream of Rice GF
Matzo Meal (can substitute for corn meal)
Chips & Crackers:
Lundberg Rice Cakes – 3/07 Plain preferred. Read labels. Processed on same equip. as corn. Reactions reported.
Mother’s Plain Rice Cakes GF
Quaker Plain No-Salt added Rice Cakes
Suzie's Kamut Puffed Cakes ?  agave sweetened
Barbara’s Potato Chips (read labels) MC 11/06
Beanfields Bean Chips - plain and seasalt only (reactions reported to the flavored)
Better Made Potato Chips (plain) ?
Cheecha Krackles GF
Eden Brown Rice Chips ?
Eden Sea Vegetable Chips ?
Quinoa Krunchies – GF
Shoestring Potato Sticks (Cracker Barrel) GF – reaction reported.

Barbara’s Brown Rice Crisps (plain unflavored)
Barbara’s Wheatines (both plain and black pepper) – reactions reported.
Edward & Sons Brown Rice Snaps GFCF (plain unflavored)
Deli Catessen Stoned Wheat Crackers
Kavli  – All Varieties
Krisprolls – Swedish Toasts by Pagen MC 11/06 (all varieties)
Matzoh – Kosher for Passover – read labels. (Ingredients should read: wheat/matzoh flour and water only)
Manischewitz Matzohs (crackers)
Nu-World Amaranth Snackers  GF (torula yeast from cane sugar)
Olde Cape Cod Saltines & Oyster Crackers ?
Olde Cape Cod "Hearty Squares Crispy Crackers" ?
Sakata Rice Crackers -  (possible cross-contamination. Read pkg ingredients.)
Suzie’s Organic Crackers (check labels)
Trader Joe’s Woven Wheats (bite size) MC 8/06 (Vit E is soy)
Triscuit Crackers (thins as well) - plain only (wheat, oil, salt)
Whole Foods Woven Wheats

Sea's Gift Korean Seaweed Snack - Roasted & Salted ? (contains canola) (added 6/11)
Condiments & Misc. Foods: (see also Dips/Spreads section)
Cripple Creek Barbeque MC 12/2010 all products.
Green Mountain Gringo Salsa ? (reactions reported to the roasted garlic flavor)
Frontera Salsa – (read labels)
505 Organic Salsa ?
505 Green Chile Sauce Organic ?
Annie's Organic Honey Mustard ? (added 6/11 - uses apple cider vinegar)
Delouis Organic Mayonnaise (France import – vinegar from wheat) MC 11/06
Eden Organic Mustards - yellow or stone ground - (added 6/11 - uses apple cider vinegar)
Vegenaise (refrigerated section) GF (egg-free)
365 (Whole Foods) Dijon Mustard ? (check ingredients)
Delouis Organic Whole Grain Mustard (France import)
Orphee Mustards GF
Bragg’s Liquid Aminos
Eden Organic Soy Sauce -
Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos

Andre Prost – Original Swedish Ginger Snaps (Pepparkakor)
Carr’s Biscuits for Tea
Barry’s Bakery Pastry Twists (Original & Raspberry) MC
Dairy Products or Equivalent: (see non-dairy options in following section)

  • Butter
Cabot Salted and Unsalted Butters MC
Delita Parmigiano-Reggiano Butter ?
Mom’s Organic Market Brand ? (added 6/14)
Organic Valley Butter (salted) GF - not pastured or cultured
Purity Farms Ghee (clarified butter) GF
Trader Joe’s Unsalted Butter GF
Trickling Springs ? (added 6/14)

  • Cheese (all cheeses have reported reactions)
Horizon Cream Cheese
Daisy Cottage Cheese 4% ?

Boar’s Head – White American Cheese – MC 9/06 (white only – in deli)
Buffalo Fresh Mozzarella (Costco) ?
KerryGold – Asst. Varieties - grass-fed cow Reactions reported in 2012. Use caution.
Kirkland (Costco) Cheddar Cheese (contains annatto, possibly in corn alcohol) GF
Kirkland (Costco) Monterey Jack Cheese GF
Organic Valley Cheeses - packages safe MC 6/11 (check individual cheeses for ingredients) - reactions reported, use caution.
Splendido Parmigiano Reggiano?
Safeway brand – Medium Cheddar cheese (west coast)
Sara Lee Cheese ?
Trader Joe’s Pepper Jack cheese

  • Milk/Cream: (avoid all enriched varieties unless specified)
Brown Cow Unhomogenized “Cream Line” milk
Caldwell Farms Milk (unfortified, unenriched) ?
Harmony Organic (Canada) Milks MC 12/2010 All plain milks, possibly chocolate as well.
Harris Teeter – Naturals Organic Whole Milk (unenriched) ? (reactions reported – paper carton)
Harmony Organic (Ontario only) - added 11/12
Hilcrest Dairy Organic Whole Milk ? (no vitamins added) added 7/11
Homestead creamery (whole milk or whole homogenized milk) - added 11/12
Mom’s Organic Market Brand (plain full-fat only) (added 3/14)
Mill-King Full Fat Whole Milk - plain (added 6/14) (Texas brand)
Organic Valley Milk powder MC
Promised Land Dairy – all white milks corn-free – MC 7/11 (partially corn-fed animals)
Trickling Springs Creamery (plain full-fat only) (added 3/14)

CF Burger – Half & Half ? GF (ingredients: cream & milk)
Clover Stornetta – Half & Half ? GF (ingredients: cream & milk)
Homestead Creamery - Half & Half ? added 11/12
Mill-King Cream & Half & Half- plain full fat (added 6/14) Texas brand
Organic Valley Half & Half MC GF

  • Sour Cream
Daisy Sour Cream (Full-fat) - reactions reported by the severely sensitive
Nancy’s Organic Sour Cream

  • Yogurt
(Yogurts: Reactions have been reported to all yogurts on the market. If you start reacting to the ones below, it may be time to start making your own. Here’s a good “how-to” )
Chobani Yogurt (Plain) ? (added 8/11) - reactions reported.
Dannon Natural Plain Yogurt (Full fat) GF (no pectin - check labels - reactions reported)
Lifeway Organic Kefir - plain ?
Nancy’s Yogurts (vanilla & vit C contain corn derivatives, read labels carefully)
Trader Joe’s Organic Lowfat Yogurt – plain only (grass-fed cow)
Voscos Full Fat Yogurt ?
White Mountain whole milk plain yogurt - added 11/12
Redmond Hill Goat Milk Kefir (added 3/14)

Sheep/Goat (& other non-cow):
Ewephoria (Dutch sheep cheese) ?
Friesago sheep cheese?
Don Juan Manchego sheep’s milk cheese?
Don Bernardo Manchego sheep’s milk cheese?
Kirkland (Costco) Pecorino Romano
Locatelli Pecorino from Italy?
MitiCrema sheep cheese? (in glass jar)
Murcia Curado – sheeps milk cheese? (mild flavor)
Splendido sheep’s milk cheese?
Valbreso French Feta?
Zerto Pecorino from Italy?

Old Chatham Sheepherding Co. plain yogurt ?
Woodstock Water Buffalo Yogurt ? (plain is safe, unsure on flavored)

(Ice Cream listings see frozen section)
Non-Dairy Dairy:
Mother’s Margarine (Kosher for Passover only) GF Dairy-free - reaction reported
Willow Run Margarine – soy-based.

Artisana Coconut Butter ? (added 8/11)
Road’s End Chreese (all varieties) MC
EdenBlend – rice/soy milk (unenriched) MC
Imagine Original Rice Dream (unenriched) MC (contains gluten)
Imagine Original Soy Dream (unenriched) MC GFCF
WestSoy Rice Milk (used to be Westbrae) unenriched only ??
WestSoy Original Plain (unenriched and unsweetened only)
Whole Foods – 365 Original Soy Milk?
Blue Mountain Country Coconut Milk (coconut and water)
Chaudoc Coconut Milk (coconut and sulfite)
Grace Coconut Milk (coconut milk, water)
Harris Teeter – Naturals Full-Fat Coconut Milk
Kame Lite Coconut Milk
Thai Kitchen Lite Organic Coconut Milk (checked 3/13)
Thai Kitchen Full-Fat Organic Coconut Milk (checked 3/13)
Trader Joe’s Lite Coconut Milk ?

Dips/Spreads: Jams, Jellies, Nut Butters, etc.
Jam/Jelly: (if contains pectin, may not be suitable for the highly sensitive)
Bonne Maman - blackberry jam only - ? (added 7/11) ingredients: blackberries, sugar.
Deluxe Foods - Jams (all) - MC 1/12 (untested)
Eden Organic Apple Butter - (added 6/11)
Eden Organic Apple Cherry Butter - (added 6/11)
Greaves - Strawberry jam - ? (added 7/11) Ingredients: Sugar and Strawberries
Kime’s Apple Butter
Jill’s Jams & Jellies (Ingredients should read: fruit, cane sugar, apple-based pectin.) MC GF (read labels)
Sarabeth’s Preserves
Tap’n Apple – Apple Butter ?
Wax Orchards – (read labels)
Nut/Seed Butters:
Krema All-Natural Peanut Butter ?
Natural nut butters – check label (dry roasted nuts only ingredient)
Once Again – peanut butter, crunchy GF
Santa Cruz Peanut Butter ?
Sunbutter Sunflower Seed Butter ?
Trader Joe’s Almond Butter GF
Trader Joe's Peanut Butter (unsalted) ?
Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Butter GF
Whole Foods 365 Organic Peanut Butter ?
Lin’s Farm (Israel) – Organic Honey & Halva Spread  ? (Kosher section)

Cocoa Bliss Coconut butter ? (added 8/11)

Eggs (any.  Some do better with organic or free-range.)
Born-Free Omega 3 Eggs
Eggland’s Best, Organic only ? (added 2/13)
Publix Greenwise Organic Eggs
Trader Joe's Cage-Free Eggs
Produce: Fresh Fruits/Veggies  (prepackaged brands)
Andyboy Romaine Hearts (added 2/12)
EuroFresh Tomatoes on the Vine MC 11/07 (all varieties)
Hydroponic Produce (various brands/varieties)
Windset Farms (all produce) MC 10/13 - hydroponic/greenhouse produce
Sunset Produce (Canada) - Mexico source has reported reactions
Frozen Foods: (for juices see beverage section)
Albertsons – fruits without sauce – check labels GF 1-877-932-7948
C&W fruits without sauce (Check labels) GF 1-800-CUT-CORN
Cascadian Farms – fruits without sauce MC GF 1-800-624-4123
Publix frozen Blueberries ?
Trader Joe’s frozen Wild Blueberries
Wyman’s frozen Blueberries and Raspberries GF 800-341-1758
Whole Foods – 365 Organic Frozen Fruits ?
Albertsons – vegetables without sauce – check labels GF 1-877-932-7948
Bird’s Eye – frozen vegetables (check label, citric acid labeled if used) GF
C&W veggies without sauce (Check labels) GF 1-800-CUT-CORN
Cascadian Farms – veggies without sauce MC GF 1-800-624-4123
Freshlike Frozen Spinach ? GF
Melissa’s Steamed – Ready to Eat Beets (fridge at TJ) GF 800-588-0151
Sprouts brand frozen vegetables - ?  (check labels)
Trader Joe’s Big Chunk vegetables (check labels) GF
Westpac frozen veggies GF
Frozen Desserts:
Wholly Wholesome Pies - Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, Pumpkin (not the dairy-free)
Grains & Dry Beans:
Beans, Dry:
plain, unseasoned. Read labels, and rinse well.

Cream Hill Estates MC 11/13 (added 3/14)

Farmer’s Select – Short Grain Brown Rice ? (also says Diamond G California on label)
Harris Teeter – Naturals Organic Basmati Rice ?
Harris Teeter – Naturals Organic Jasmine Rice ?
Lundberg Rices – All unseasoned are corn-free. (Read labels for GF) Reactions reported to their “Eco-Farmed” line, one reaction to the “Organic”.
Royal Basmati Rice?
Whole Foods – 365 brand Organic Rices?

Misc Seeds/Grains:
Quinoa - Ancient Grains – GF reported reactions
Alter Eco - reported reactions
Tru Roos - reported reactions

Meats: (all meats should be considered to be plain/unflavored except for Processed Meats and where otherwise specified)
Some Local Suppliers: Check each for corn-free practices
Processed Meats/Deli: (all items listed are approach with caution as reactions have been reported)
Farmer’s Hickory – Uncured Bacon (no corn or soy in natural flavors, other ingredients, or packaging) MC 8/06
Wellshire Farms Uncured Bacon GF
Whole Foods – 365 Uncured Bacon GF

(No deli meats are recommended nor safe - use extreme caution)

Beef/Red Meat:
Laura’s Lean Beef
Laura’s Lean Ground Beef (original square white container shipped direct from manufacturer)
Panorama Organic 100% Grass-Fed Ground Beef MC 7/11 (ACV carcass wash)
Sommer’s Organic NY Strips MC 4/07 (grass-fed beef) – frozen section.
Sommer’s Organic 2lb Prime Rib (fully cooked and seasoned) MC 4/07 (grass-fed beef)
Buffalo Meat?
Aaron’s Kosher Chicken
Bell and Evan’s Chicken MC 11/06
Empire Kosher Poultry (includes turkey) MC 10/10
Goldkist Whole Chickens (Costco) - (added 1/12) reactions reported.

Henry's Marketplace Whole Turkey MC 11/10 packaging not confirmed. Whole Turkey MC 11/10
LilyDale Frozen Turkey ? (Canadian)
Trader Joe's Kosher Turkey MC 11/10
Organic Prairie - Ground Turkey MC 7/11
Shelton’s Turkey Burgers MC
Natural Sea brand Salmon (canned)
Whole Foods smoked Salmon GF (aka lox in fridge)
Wild Catch (frozen) GF – check ingredients
Wild Planet Salmon - unsalted ? (added 7/11) reported reactions
BumbleBee “Solid White Albacore” in Water - very low sodium (gold can) GF (tuna/water) reported reactions
Natural Sea – Light Chunk Tongol Tuna (no salt added) – tuna, water. GF
Starkist Low Sodium Tuna reported reactions
Whole Foods – 365 brand Tuna in Water
Pasta: (avoid all enriched pastas)

Bionature Organic Pasta - regular (reactions reported to whole wheat variety)
DaVinci Organic Pasta
Eden Foods – 100% Organic Rye Spirals MC 1/07
Rising Moon Organics Garlic and Basil Gnocci ?
Trader Joe’s Organic Whole Wheat Pasta
Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Couscous
VitaSpelt Pasta – all versions ?
Wegman's store brand Organic Pastas (penne, fettuccine, spaghetti) ?
Whole Foods – Whole Wheat Pasta

Road’s End Mac & Chreese (vegan) all varieties - MC

Non-Gluten Based: (some may not be totally GF, so make sure you read labels)
Eden Foods – 100% Buckwheat Soba pasta MC 1/07 GF
Mrs. Leepers – Rice Pasta  GF
King Soba - Organic Sweet Potato & Buckwheat Noodles GF (added 7/12) may contain traces of rice.
NorQuin – Organic Quinoa Special Blend MC 1/07 GF (quinoa, brown rice) (untested)
Roland Bean Thread Noodles (Cellophane) ? GF (added 6/11 - bean/water)

Oil & Vinegar – Cooking/Baking: (new section – please recommend brands)

Bariani olive oil ? (added 2/13)
Bertolli Olive Oil MC 1/07 (reactions reported)
California Olive Ranch Olive Oil (added 2/13) - reaction reported2
Napa Valley Naturals Organic Safflower Oil (high heat)
Pietro Coricelli Olive Oil ? (added 2/13)
Spectrum Unrefined Coconut Oil
Spectrum Refined Safflower Oil (high heat)
Spectrum Palm Fruit Oil GF
Whole Foods 365 Olive Oil (plain) - (added 3/13)
Tropical Traditions Coconut oil - Gold Label only (added 6/14)
Tropical Traditions Palm Oil? (added 6/14)

Apple Cider Vinegar (not Heinz)
Bertolli White Wine Vinegar
Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar GF (reactions reported 2013 possibly due to seal)
Datu Puti Premium Cane Vinegar ? (Southeast Asia Food, Inc)
Kame Rice Wine Vinegar GF
Kosher for Passover vinegars - assorted. (only available during Feb-April in Jewish Markets)
Regina Vinegars MC 8/06
Soups, Broths, Gravy:
Healthy Valley – No Salt Added Tomato Soup ? GF
Trader Joe’s Organic Lentil Vegetable Soup ?
Trader Joe's Organic Split Pea Soup ?
Trader Joe’s Ready-to-Eat Lentils with Vegetables ?  GF (import from Spain)
Trader Joe’s Ready-to-Eat White Beans with Vegetables ? GF (import from Spain)
More than Gourmet Glace de Poulet Gold ? (added 8/11)
Pacific Foods Organic Free Range Chicken Broth MC 9/06 – reactions reported.
Pacific Foods Organic Vegetable Broth ? (added 8/11)

Road’s End gravy mixes  MC (see website)
Lewis Lab’s – Brewer’s Yeast (nutritional yeast) MC GF – grown on sugar beets.
Maine Coast –Kelp Granules (source of iodine)
Simply Organic Spices/Frontier Organic (same company) - various. ?  (added 6/12) plain varieties.
Alessi Sea Salt ?
Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt (checked 2/13 - reactions reported but rare)
Morton’s Kosher Salt (checked 2/13 - only salt recommended for those allergic to sea salt, reactions reported)
Sea Salt (added iodine to salt has corn, read labels)
Whole Foods 365 Sea Salt (checked 2/13)
Personal Care:

Baby Care:
Homemade wipes. (search for recipes)
Water Wipes (added 6/14)

Disposable: All contain some level of corn. Experiences may vary. Reusables are recommended.

FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers ? (added 2/12)
Green Mountain - 100% organic cotton  (added 2/12)
Kawaii Diaper Covers  (added 2/12)
Cosmetics/Girlie Stuff:
Bellaphoria makeup
Coastal Classic Creations - Concealer only - (added 6/11)
Coastal Classic Creations - Eye Shadow/Liner only - (added 6/11)
Signature Minerals (mineral powder makeups only)
100% Pure cosmetics - mascara (added 2/12)

Coastal Classic Creations - Eye Serum - (added 6/11)
Coastal Classic Creations - Seashell Oatmeal Facial Treatment - (added 6/11)

Aquarella Nail Polish - water-based MC 7/11 nail polish only
SunCoat Girl Nail Polish (for kids - water-based) ?
Scotch Naturals/Hopscotch - mineral based (added 6/14)
Deodorant Crystal
Lavilin Cream Deoderant ? (Israel)
Thai Crystal Mist Deodorant
Eye Care:
Nature's Tears EyeMist MC 10/07  (all company products are safe)
Opcon A (added 6/14)
Naphcon A (added 6/14)

Contact Solutions:
Biotrue Multi-purpose Solution - Bauche & Lomb ? (added 6/11)

Hair Products:
Coastal Classic Creations - Safe Harbor Leave-in Hair Treatment - (added 6/11)
Savonnerie Shampoo & Conditioner MC (reactions reported)
ShiKai Natural Tea Tree Shampoo (rechecked 6/14)
Morrocco Method? (added 6/14)
Frontier brand - Pure Henna (green powder)
Hand & Body Soaps: (& Facial)
Blue House Soaps - Crunchy Mama Soap (only) –
BlueQ Get Real Soaps (lemon was tested) ?
Coastal Classic Creations - Splash Facial Oat Flour Face Wash - (added 6/11)
Dakota Free Prairie Soap with Shea Butter MC 08/07  (all products except some bath crystals & scrubs)
Grandma's Pure & Natural Lye Soap ? 1-800-345-3925 (lard, lye, water)
JC Naturals soaps (& other products) MC 10/07
Kirk's Original Coco Castile bar soap, unscented (added 11/12) - 100% coconut based.
Medimix (Ayuurvedic) soaps – found in Middle Eastern or Indian stores.
Thursday Tea Tree Soap
Trader Joe’s Hand Soap (with GSE) - MF says may contain corn at any time.
Tropical Traditions Coconut Soap (coconut oil, lye, water, steam distilled essential oils)
Savonnerie Soaps (all Savonnerie soaps are corn-free) MC 6/06 – reactions reported.
So.A.P. – all soaps corn-free, except those with perfumes/fragrance. Essential oils are safe. MC 10/06

Benedetta Clearing Spray – Hand Sanitizer MC 1/07 (reported to be heavily scented)
Lotions, Body Oils, Sunscreen, Bug Repellent:
Body Oils:
Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil (added 7/11)
NOW brand Pure Jojoba oil

NOW brand Pure Shea Butter (rechecked 6/14)
Savonnerie Shea Butter GF

NOW brand Cocobutter (added 6/14)
Vaseline brand petroleum jelly: 100% pure original only (added 3/12)

Lip Balm:
Aura Cacia Protecting Aromatherapy Lip Balm
Badger Lip Balm (all Badger Balm products) (reactions reported)
Cococare 100% Cocoa Butter "The Yellow Stick" 1 ounce ?
Queen Helene – 100% cocoa butter stick 1 ounce only ? (100% pure only – check ingredients)
Savonnerie Lipbalm MC 2/07 GF (untested)
Badger Balm – All products (including bug repellant and sunscreen) Baby products as well.
Coastal Classic Creations - Body Butter (added 6/11)
Coastal Classic Creations - Facial Oil (added 6/11)
George’s “Always Active” Aloe Vera MC 1/12 (reactions reported with internal use)
Lansinoh Lanolin (100% pure medical grade lanolin) – breast feeding aisle
Nature's Tears Mist MC 10/07 (pure water body spray)
Rear Schmear – by Jenteal Soaps. For baby/diaper rash, but useful for other areas.
Savonnerie Lotion and Massage Oil MC 2/07 GF

Bug Repellent:
Badger Balm Bug Repellent
Muti Bug Away (bug spray) ? (untested - see blog post)
Sun Screen:
Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF 30 - All Clear: powder sunblock ?
Fougera Zinc Oxide Ointment ?
Titanium Dioxide 100% pure - various manufacturers. Use to make your own sunscreen.
Zinc Oxide 100% pure - various manufacturers. Use to make your own sunscreen.
Essential Oxygen Brushing Rinse.
Healthy Gums by NaturalDentist (check labels)
Tooth Soap MC 12/11 (moved facility in 2014 - reported reactions)
Squiggle Toothpaste MC 2010 (reported reactions)
Vita-Myr Toothpaste ? GF (last checked 2011)

POH unwaxed classic floss (added 7/11)
Toms of Maine – Unflavored Naturally Waxed Antiplaque Floss GF
Dessert Essence Tea Tree Waxed Floss? (added 6/14)

First Aid Products:
3M Transpore Tape ?
CoverRoll by Beiersdorf from Germany ?
Coverlets by Beiersdorf from Germany ?
Curad Sensitive Skin Band-Aids ?
Self-Adhesive Bandages ? (Coban, Coflex, Vetwrap) cotton-based. ? - look at large animal supply stores.

Nature's Tears Bio-Med Wash (wound & eye wash)

Dr Sheffield's Zinc Bacitracin Ointment ? (antibiotic ointment)

Misc. Personal Care: (sexual & feminine hygiene)
Glad Rags ? (added 7/11)
Luna Pads ? (added 7/11)
New Moon Pads ? (added 7/11)
Party In My Pants ? (added 7/11)
Pleasure Puss ? (added 7/11)

Menstrual Cup Information and Comparison

Trojan Condoms – NaturaLamb Lubricated ?  (unlubricated has corn starch on it)
Sliquid Silver Lubricant – Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Cyclomethicone. – Can be used in medical procedures requiring lubricants.
Flents Quiet Please – Earplugs ?
Benonite Clay - (all-purpose and ingestion)
Living Clay Co.
Household Cleaning Products:
20-Mule-Team Borax by Dial Corp. (usually in laundry section) - (reviewed 2/12)
Tree of Life – Fresh and Natural Bathroom Cleaner with Tea Tree and Lavender
Tropical Traditions Multi-Purpose Cleaner - (reviewed 2/12)

Earth Friendly Dishmate (various scents - possibly not almond) - (added 2/12) reactions reported
Palmolive Original  (not concentrated or antibacterial) - reactions reported - contains soy.
Trader Joe’s Dish Soap (Lavender w/GSE) - (reviewed 2/12) (reactions reported)
Trader Joe’s Dish Soap (Mandarin Orange) - (reviewed 2/12) (reactions reported)
Biokleen Automatic Dishwasher detergent MC 2009 (added 2/12) (reactions reported)
Seventh Generation Powder ? (reviewed 2/12) reactions reported
Charlie Soap MC 2011
Charlie Soap Laundry Booster MC 2011

20-Mule-Team Borax by Dial Corp. (reviewed 2012)
Arm & Hammer Washing Soda (stronger than baking soda, made for washing) (reviewed 2012)

(The following may work for those less sensitive but caution should be used.)
All Free & Clear (reactions reported)
Earth Friendly Ecos Free & Clear ? (added 1/12) reactions reported
Planet Ultra Liquid Laundry Soap (liquid only) MC 3/07 GF reactions reported


Household Disposable Products: (paper & plastic items)
Baking/Kitchen Prep Items:
Cut-Rite Wax Paper MC 7/11
If You Care - parchment paper ? (added 7/11)
If You Care - muffin cups?
Reynolds Parchment paper MC 7/11

Food Saver bags (added 8/12)
Ziploc – MC 1/07 plastic bags, bowls.
Saran Wrap - MC 1/07

Paper Towels:
Kirkland (Costco) Paper Towels MC 10/06
Kirkland (Costco) Facial Tissues MC 10/06

TwistClean Sponges & other items - MC 4/2012 (scour pads will have wheat and squash)

Toilet Paper:
Marathon individually wrapped rolls (Costco) - (added 6/14)
Simplify Toilet paper - Rite Aid ?
Trader Joes regular toilet paper ? (added 7/11) - reactions reported
The following brands your experiences may vary:
Northern (regular) - reactions reported
Angel Soft  (regular) - reactions reported
Scotts (regular) - reactions reported

Trash Bags: (recent complaints of scents and corn starch on some)
Glad Tall Kitchen 13 gallon, 3-ply strength quick tie bags (NOT the drawstring) - untested
Ralph's tall kitchen bags (white) - untested
Natural Value Kitchen Drawstring Bags - untested
Target tall white kitchen drawstring bags
Household Misc. Products:
LifeMaster 2000 paint (house paint, not craft) MC 2005 800-984-5444
Lodge Original-Finish Cast Iron pans (seasoned pans contain soy)

Water Softener Salts:
Duracube made by Cargill (supposed to be just pure salt) MC 11/12
Craft Items:
Crayola Colored Pencils MC 1/07 GF
Crayola Crayons, regular (not the washable) MC 2/07 GF (wrappers adhesive has corn, remove & wash crayon) Crayon itself is free of corn, soy, and coconut/palm.
Crayola Tempura Paints MC 3/07 (not Color Wonder) (untested)
Crayola Washable Paints MC 3/07  (not Color Wonder) (untested)
Crayola Watercolors MC 3/07 (only those made after 1999) (untested)
Elmer’s Glues MC 1/07 – reaction reported
Faber-Castell – all products, MC 1/07 (except “Creativity for Kids” kit which contains corn)
Natural Earth Paint

RoseArt Crayons MC 2/07 GF (untested)
RoseArt Jumbo Washable Crayons MC 3/07 (untested)
RoseArt Modeling Clay MC 2/07 (contains wheat and mineral oil)

Google all types of DIY craft supplies and substitute with corn free ingredients
Pets/Animal Products: (pet foods have not been tested for allergy safety)

Innova dog & cat foods MC 10/07
EVO dog & cat foods MC 10/07
California Natural dog & cat foods MC 10/07
HealthWise dog & cat foods MC 10/07
Mother Nature Dog Biscuits
Newman's Own Catfood ? (added 7/11) no wheat or corn - may contain corn derivatives.
Karma Dog Foods MC 10/07

Kibble: (verified China-free)
Canidae & Felidae (added 3/14)
Nature's Variety Instinct (added 3/14)
Nature's Variety Prairie (added 3/14)
Taste of the Wild (added 3/14)
Go! Natural (added 3/14)
Now! (added 3/14)
Nature's Logic (added 3/14)
Orijen (added 3/14)
Acana (added 3/14)

Canned: (verified China-free)
Nature's Variety Instinct (added 3/14)
Nature's Variety Homestyle (added 3/14)
Canidae & Felidae (added 3/14)
Taste of the Wild (added 3/14)
Evanger's (added 3/14)
Tripett (added 3/14)
Go! (added 3/14)
Now! (added 3/14)
Tiki Dog and Tiki Cat (added 3/14)
PetKind (added 3/14)
Ziwi Peak (added 3/14)
Nature's Logic (added 3/14)
Party Animal (added 3/14)

Alternative Raw: (verified China-free)
Ziwi Peak (added 3/14)
Honest Kitchen (added 3/14)
Stella & Chewy's Freeze Dried (added 3/14)
Nature's Variety Instinct Freeze Dried (added 3/14)
Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried (added 3/14)
Grandma Lucy's PureFormance (added 3/14)
Primal Freeze Dried (added 3/14)

Raw: (verified China-free)
Nature's Variety Instinct (added 3/14)
Bravo! (added 3/14)
Primal (added 3/14)
Answers (added 3/14)
Stella & Chewy's (added 3/14)
Northwest Naturals (added 3/14)
Nature's Logic (added 3/14)
Vital Essentials (added 3/14)
RawHealth (added 3/14)

Treats: (verified China-free) Single ingredient treats such as freeze dried meats, veggies, and fruits
Sam's Yams (added 3/14)
Snook's Sweet Potato Treats (added 3/14)
Wag More Bark Less (added 3/14)
Wet Noses (added 3/14)
Tuna/Bonita Flakes (added 3/14)

Blue Naturally Fresh Unscented (100% Walnut based) (added 3/14)
Cat Country (wheatgrass... need company confirmation on any other ingredients) (added 3/14)
Cedarific (hardwood and cedar) (added 3/14)
Clay Based Brands - Plain Unscented  (added 3/14)
Feline Pine (added 3/14)
Nature's Logic Pine (added 3/14)
Silica - Unscented silica (added 3/14)
Special Kitty Unscented Cat Litter – Walmart MC 12/06 clay-based (scented litters can cause corn reaction)
Swheat Scoop Cat Litter MC 12/06 (wheat & soy based)
Yesterday's News (added 3/14)

Water Filtration:
Berkey British Berkefeld Ceramic filtration system (can be found on Amazon) - best choice
Pur (plain - no added minerals)
Brita Pitcher (plain - no added minerals)

Company Contact Info Site:
OTC Pharmacy Items: (for First Aid see specific section in Personal care)
Antihistamine: (none of these listed are 100% safe but may be needed in an emergency and will likely work for those just starting out. For safe antihistamines, it’s your best bet to get them compounded - see the end of this list for more details on how.)

Benadryl Children’s – Dye-Free Alcohol-Free Sugar-Free Bubblegum flavored. (sorbitol contains corn)
Benadryl Children’s – Cherry Alcohol-Free (citric acid from corn)
Wal-Dryl (Walgreen’s Benadryl) – Dye-Free capsules virtually corn-free, but none are totally.
(Xyzal adult formula by prescription is supposed to be fairly ok)

Zyrtec - brand name adult formula - formula keeps changing so check ingredients.
- off-brand Childrens formulas - brand formula is loaded with corn, but some off-brands of Zyrtec may work in an emergency.
Cough & Cold:
Hyland Cough Syrup ? 800-624-9659

Mucinex & Mucinex D – Adult versions only. Children’s contain obvious corn. Reactions Reported
Mucinex 600 Extended Release Tabs MC 3/07 (contains no grain, starch glycolate from potato) Reactions reported
NasalCrome – nasal spray
Olbas Inhaler (menthol inhaler/decongestant)
St. Claire’s Throat Soothers (cough drop type thing, but hard candy)

Aleve caplets & tablets  MC 1/07 (reaction reported)
Elixsure acetaminophen and ibuprophen ?
Goody's Headache powder (added 6/11) - contains acetaminophen & aspirin reactions reported
Goody's Back & Body Pain powder (added 6/11) - contains acetaminophen & aspirin reactions reported
Feverall suppositories (polysorbate 80 – corn derived) 8/06
Hyland’s Teething Tablets ? (contain lactose)
Nature’s Way White Willow Bark GF (this is aspirin. If you’re allergic to aspirin, or cannot take aspirin, do not take this)
Cortizone 10 Ointment (white petrolatum)
Stomach/Digestive: (see also beverages & canned goods for probiotic beverages and foods - Experiences may vary.)
Custom Probiotics 6 Blend powder ? - reactions reported
Dr. Furhman Favorite Flora – probiotic powder MC GF
Kirkman Lactobacillus Acidophilus (single strain) capsules ?
Mountain Home probiotic (acidophilus) GF
Nature’s Sunshine L. acidophilus (also dairy and GF)
UAS Labs DDS Jr. Hypoallergenic Probiotic GF
Gut Pro (added 6/2014)
Gallexier Herbal Bitters MC 3/07 (fructose from sugarcane)
Houston Neutraceuticals - Peptizyde & ZymePrime MC 6/07
Nature’s Sunshine (L-glutamine, Food Enzymes, Proactyzyme Plus, Intestinal Soothe and Build)
Vitamins/Supplements:  (some of the below will contain trace amounts of corn simply due to the process of making them. These are the ones with the best success record.)

BlueBonnet - L-glutamine MC 7/11 (cassava source)
BlueBonnet - Calcium Magnesium MC 7/11 (vit d3 contains corn)
Ecological Formulas Vitamin C-1000 MC 6/14 (source tapioca)
Enzymedica – some MC 2/07 cellulose capsule from pine, xylitol from birch. (enzymes have confirmed corn)
Houston Nutraceuticals – check ingredients.
Jarrow - B-Right multi (added 6/14) (some reactions reported)
Jarrow - Methyl Folate (400mcg)  (added 6/14)
Kirkman Labs - Liquid Iron MC 11/10 (only this product. Other products may contain corn derivatives)
Klaire Labs - Magnesium Glycinate capsules ? (FYI: their vit c is from corn)
Natural Factors B12 chewable/sublingual (1000mcg & 5000mcg varieties) (added 6/14)
Nature’s Plus - Love Bites MC (reaction reported)
Nature’s Sunshine 5-HTP
PUR Absorb Iron (sachets) (rechecked 6/2014)
RX Vitamins: Vitamin D Drops (added 3/12) reactions reported
Ortho Molecular D3K2 and D3 drops (reactions reported)
Thorne labs ? (the very sensitive may have issues. company has not been reliable.)
Twinlabs - Allergy-C (human-tested 2010)
Twinlabs – Vit. C + Quercetin MC 7/12
Vitamin Research Products MC (read labels)
VitaSciences B-12 Patch (added 11/12) Reactions reported
Whole Foods - Super Nutrition “Perfect Kids” Complete Daily Vitamins

Lugol’s Iodine Solution - ? GF (water, potassium iodine, iodine)
World Organic Liqui-Kelp ? (iodine source)
Carlson Labs – Fish Oil, liquid only. MC 11/06 (reactions reported) Read labels: sorbitol or fructose are from corn. Gelatin is not from corn.
Vital Choice salmon oil ? (added 2/13)
Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil Unflavored only  (added 3/14)

Lewis Lab’s – Brewer’s Yeast (nutritional yeast) MC GF – grown on sugar beets.

Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder (rechecked 6/14 - reported reactions)

Carbocaine (corn-free, sulfite-free numbing agent)
RX: (verify ingredients before purchase or ingesting as some manufacturers may vary)
Bicillin – penicillin injectable, by Wyeth-Ayerst
Minocycline hydrochloride capsules (tetracycline based) – generic. Manufacturer may vary.
Rocephin (ceftriaxone) Antibiotic by Roche Labs. (cephalosporin based) MC inject-able.
Ilotycin Ophthalmic Ointment (erythromycin base)
Dallergy Caplets (antihistamine) – dye-free & corn-free MC
Lodrane D & XR Suspension MC 10/06 (no corn, egg, dairy, or beef)
Lodrane 24 gelatin capsule MC 10/06 (no corn, egg, dairy, or beef) contains animal collagen.
Tessalon Perles ?
Asmanex Twisthaler (inhaler) – does not use ethanol or any type carrier
Xopenex for nebulizer

TriLyte solution (use without flavor packs) ?
Valtrex 1000mg MC

Xyzal - adult formula - safest non-compounded antihistamine

Compounding Elements:
Capsugel (A div. of Pfizer) Hard Gelatin Capsules - MC 8/2012

Compounding Pharmacies:
America’s Compounding Center: Overnight shipping/delivery 866-222-7993
Brown’s Compounding Center: shipping available. Located in Parker, CO. 303-805-9532
Wedgewood Pharmacy – shipping available. Located in Swedesboro, NJ. 800-331-8272
Compounding Pharmacy Locator:  Go to “Patients/Pets” on the sidebar, click on “Finding a Compounding Pharmacist”
Compounding Pharmacy Locator:
Pharmaceutical Company Contact Info:
Bayer – USA 800-395-0689 (9-5pm EST)
Pfizer (medical inquiry dept) 800-438-1985. RX consumer line 800-879-3477 (8-8pm EST), OTC customer service 800-223-0182 (24hr) – company has been repeatedly reported as uncooperative in finding sources of ingredients for allergy issues.
Wyeth Consumer Healthcare – 800-322-3129 (9-5pm EST)


buddzoo said...

Infant / Child Formula:
I may have missed it but Nature's One provides and infant and child formula that is organic, gluten-, corn-, and lactose-free and non GMO. It is an alternative to Alimentum RTF especially for older kids.

Unknown said...

Have you tried Jamberry nails?? They are gluten-free and have no HFCS...

Stacey said...

Xyzal callout needs to be corrected -- multiple reactions to the generic and as discussed in the support group, the brand name manufacturer has sold their formula and is discontinuing the previously confirmed corn-free version. Remains to be seen if there will be one that is corn free enough to be mostly safe in future.

Unknown said...

We love your blog.. Thank you for all your help and understanding

buddzoo said...

@tom - those vitamins are NOT corn-free and no where on the label of website does it say so. In fact, they are not non-GMO either. The source of vitamin C is ascorbic acid - a Non/m-nature form of vit C derived from CORN SYRUP. It is very difficult to find a vitamin that does not get its but C from corn sources. While someone technically allergic to corn should not have a problem with ascorbic acid, many people have an intolerance to corn syrup.

buddzoo said...

Sorry for all the typos. Apparently my phone had a mind of its own. You get the point though - the previously mentioned vitamins are not corn-free.

Anonymous said...

I was just looking at switching lotions so wanted to use this blog as a reference. I was absolutely shocked to see NOW Brand cocobutter and Sheabutter listed as corn free. I realize I'm on the severe end of the corn allergy spectrum, but my reaction to those were instant and severe (whole body hives) that I would think even those who can get away with "corn light" would have a reaction as well. The containers say "100% natural" which should have been my first clue not to use it, even though the website claimed they are 100% pure. I would absolutely not recommend any NOW Brand lotions/butters/oils to those with a corn allergy.

V said...

Anonymous - actually most do really well with NOW Cocobutter and Shea butter.

River Glorious said...

Would you know of safe asthma medicine? Thanks

hou said...

If anyone has had problems with anything listed here, please do let us know.
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hou said...

These harvested seeds are often shipped in the same trucks and stored in the same silos that other seeds used to be in.

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Anonymous said...

Alvarado Street bakery has breads that contain corn. I am not sure about if this list, when it mentions a brand, if that means that the brand is supposed to be corn free, but Alvarado Street bakery is not 100% corn free. They have a diabetic bread that does not list corn, but the California bread and the No Salt bread list corn in ingredients.

2bamrs said...

Why haven't you added Triann's Pantry mixes to the list? They are made by a fellow corn allergy sufferer who has dedicated her life to this and they are absolutely delicious.
*The Triann's Pantry products are made is a small family own small batch facility.
*They are not ruined by cross contamination or mass production and are not sold in big stores to be ruined yet.
* They have saved lives in children and adults who had slim to no foods. Especially in the winter would be great for nutrition to avoid malnutrition.
*They're great in emergency situations and traveling as they do not require many things to make them. Great during hazardous weather or loss of power.
*They will keep newly corn allergy comers safe from reactions while they don't starve and find safe food sources.
*They taste amazing so you don't cheat during the holidays or trust a brand that is not worthy of your corn free lifestyle.
*please add them and support a super small striving business who is saving lives sending these products out to people who have slim foods and do well on there products. Don't hate them as they are the top company on this list and the only people a lot of us will trust.

Emy Watson said...

what is the best grain free dry dog food?
Best Grain Free Dog Food

Jr. Williams said...

what is a good healthy dog treat?
best grain free dog food

Unknown said...

I have been following this guide for several years now after being diagnosed with multiple food allergies (severe) to CORN, Soy, Tree-nuts, Peanuts, Oats, and Sesame. I am severely sensitive/reactive to all the above mentioned foods. With that being said, I have done well with Wellshire Farms Organic, Uncured Bacon. I do not tolerate non-organic products very well as I also have multiple chemical and environmental allergies. Another product I do well with is KEVITA Kombucha (grapefruit). The flavor listed is just a preference. JADE MONK Unsweetened green tea is safe also as I have been consuming this beverage for 7+ months now. Additionally, I have contacted Traders Point Creamery (phone and email) in re: yogurt, cottage cheese and milk products who have confirmed the aforementioned items to be safe (vanilla is not safe). I have tried the cottage cheese and plain yogurt varieties and thus far I have not experienced any symptoms of an allergic reaction. I will continue to purchase these items unless I experience a reaction. Also, I have reactions to Orphies mustard but not Eden's organic (yellow & brown)and Braggs organic/raw Apple Cider vinegar has been consumed with no reactions also. I just Thought I should share this as well.

I am looking into the following:

tri-salts (Vitamin C) since I cannot find TWINLABS Allergy-C anywhere!! Anymore.
Bi-Carb Supplements
Cromolyn Sodium (oral solution) since I have used Nasal Crome safely and researched the oral version Gastrcrom which only has purified water as inactive ingredient.
Xolair - is another one I am looking into

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For anyone still checking this list, here are some updates as of March/April 2019:

- ShiKai shampoos now contain Gluconolactone derived from corn

- Xyzal 24hr OTC does not contain ingredients derived from corn, but they do not test the final product for corn. Note: it does contain Lactose Monohydrate (from cow's milk)

- nowfoods has a new corn-free web page:; so far I have had no reactions to their Vitamin D3 capsules, Glycine capsules, or L-Arginine powder

- San-J Tamari: alcohol is from sugarcane; I have no reactions to it

Bottled Tea:
- Itoen Tea: ascorbic acid is corn-free; I have no reactions to it

- Clover Organic Whole Milk: vitamins use a water-based suspension; I have no reactions to it
- Strauss Organic Cream Top Whole Milk (SF Bay Area): no vitamin fortification or homogenization; I have no reactions to it

Non-dairy Milk:
- Califia almond milks: should be corn-free; I have not reacted to them
- Costco vanilla almond milk: should be corn-free; I have not reacted to it

Vegan Butter:
- Miyoko's: I have not experienced a reaction to it

Gluten-free Pastas:
- Jovial: rice-based; I have no reaction to it
- Fellicia: buckwheat and pea protein options; I have had no reactions to them

- Nielsen Massey: alcohol is sugarcane derived; (Note: their powders contain maltodextrin)
- Spicely: alcohol derived from sugar cane, but not tested yet

- Guittard Chocolate Chips (or any product with vanilla): they _won't answer_ as to whether any corn is used in vanilla processing because it is "proprietary"

- Cup4Cup Gluten-Free "Wholesome Flour" blend: xanthan gum is corn-free, but I have not tested this yet

Instant Coffee:
- Sudden: no corn ingredients, but haven't tested yet

Other Cosmetics:
- S.W. Basics facial cleanser, toner, and cream: no reactions to them yet
- All Good brand SPF lip balm, body lotion, coconut oil, sunscreen: should not have any corn-derived ingredients, but I have only tested the lip balm and coconut oil so far

Does anyone know of a more up to date list? I'm avoiding the Facebook group for ethical reasons.

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