Monday, June 04, 2007

Idun Yeast - Norweigen Import

Idun Torr Gjaer yeast was found in Houston at their Norwegian Seaman's Church, and may possibly be found at other imported goods stores.

My husband (a Norwegian) confirmed with the company that no corn is used to grow the yeast. The yeast is grown on a mix of locally grown grains (barley, rye, wheat, and oats).

Idun's own website can be found at - though do be aware that their website is entirely in Norwegian.

** Update ** Idun Yeast has been found for sale at Marina As of yet though, I've not heard if anyone has ordered from them, so I can't comment on the company. The yeast was merely seen for sale there.


Adrienne said...

It is listed on this site but I have not ordered it yet.

Mrs Bear said...

I contacted the Idun company and below are my results.
You can buy Idun yeast at but the site is written in norwegian and the shipping makes it extremely expensive. I haven't found a place to buy the yeast stateside yet. The cost at, if I've converted everything correctly, is $1.80 for 5-50gram packets. I typed in a trial order for 10 packages which would give me 50 packets or 50 loaves of bread. The cost for the yeast was $18.00 and the shipping was $58.75.
If you go to click on "Butikk" (=shop or boutique)
Then on the left side menu at the bottom click BAKEARTIKLER (=baking articles/things)
In the item list look for Idun Tørrgjær 5 pk.

These are the listed ingredients from the web site.
Dry Yeast
Ingredienser: Gjær: en levende organisme,
Ingredients: yeast: a living organism nutrient
næringsstoffer som:gjødningsstoffer, mineraler,
nourishmentstuff like:nutrients, minerals
sukker, vitaminer. 5 poser tørrgjær.Hver pose tilsvarer 50 g fersk gjær.
Sugar, vitamins. 5 packets dry yeast. Every packet contains 50g fresh yeast.

This is a copy of the email I received from the Idun company, stating that the yeast is corn free.

Thanks for your request regarding Idun Tørrgjær. This product is corn free. Unfortunately, we cannot sell our products direct to our consumers – but through wholesalers/distributors. is a grocery store on internet and they have Idun Tørrgjær.

Lykke til!=Good Luck

Med vennlig hilsen=with friendly greeting/sincerely
Stabburet AS

Forbrukerservice=customer service
Postboks 711
1411 Kolbotn

Grønt nummer: 800 33 005=phone