Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Corn free/gluten free list

In order to make the gluten free version of our corn free list a bit more streamlined, it is now converted into excel format and accessible through the link above.


(Just in case you need to cut and paste)

Note that I am now keeping track of products that have been removed either due to multiple corn reactions being reported or company ingredient change verifications by adding an x before the name of a product and using the strike out writing feature. I'll try to remember to put a note about why it's been removed.

Also, just a reminder that this list is intended only to be used as a guideline. There may be many more products out there that are corn free. If you know of some, let us know! When they are confirmed by trial and/or company confirmation they'll go on the list. Also, ingredients change quickly. Although the list is kept current to the best of my ability, I can't possibly keep up with potential ingredient or supplier changes. So always double check ingredients before using a product. If there is a product listed in error, or something has changed, let me know so I can update the list. Thanks!!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating the list. We are new to all this so this will help a lot. Thanks, Kimberly

DesertDarlene said...

Thanks for doing this. Everything seems to be focused on just avoiding gluten, soy, and peanuts. Very little help is out there for people trying to avoid or limit corn.

sandy oates said...

We found the best tasting chocolate chips. Sunspire, Tropical Source, semi-sweet chocolate chips do not contain vanilla extract. They use ground vanilla beans.

Kristina D said...

I second that! Tropical Source is really good!

Brooke said...

I just found out that Bubbies dill pickles are corn-free. They are vinegar-free, their spices are not corned, and their salt is non-iodized. (It's an inland salt source, so they can't legally label it as "sea salt.") Their relish, sauerkraut and pickled green tomatoes are equally corn-free.

Their bread & butter pickles, horseradish, and pickled herring, however, are made using white (corn-based) vinegar.

I got this information over the phone by a very helpful gentleman who seemed familiar with all the places where corn might be hiding and offered information before I even asked about certain ingredients or items.

Alberto said...

Please update the list also with this great line of organic fruit spread made by Rigoni di Asiago. The name is FIORDIFRUTTA and they are corn and gluten free.

Angel said...

thank you for the GF/Corn-free (me) list, Also annotations of egg-free (son) and casein-free. I am looking for Milk-free (son) and White Potato-free also (Me). Yes, I have to avoid those too. Interesting isn't it.

Von said...


Can you confirm that your apple pectin does not contain nor in its processing use dextrose or other corn derivatives?


Lauren said...

Thank you for this list! I have been gluten free for a while and am newly corn free. This makes it so much easier for me to buy at least a few processed products to make my life more normal.

One thing I don't see listed is the Ener-G tapioca loaf and light tapioca loaf. They are both listed as corn and gluten free and are the lightest gluten free bread I have found. It's amazing toasted and not that expensive (I get it with subscribe and save from Amazon).

MamaGiggles said...

After reading Lauren's comment on here about Ener-G Tapioca loaves, I contacted the company and got this reply:

"We do not use corn derived ingredients in our Tapioca Loaf or in our Light Tapioca Loaf.

However, these loaves do use the same bread pans as other loaves which contain corn ingredients. (Ener-G Corn Loaf, Seattle Brown Bread, Four Flour Loaf).

We are careful with washing our pans before changing to different formulas, but I cannot guarantee that all residue of corn would thus be removed. The reason I mention pans is the shape of bread pans having 90 degree corners makes it difficult to completely eliminate all cross contamination. The inside corners are difficult to clean, even with soap and water.

Our goal in avoiding the most common allergens is eliminating completely the top 8 allergens as defined by FDA. These are dairy, egg, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. We have a few products which still contain egg, which we hope to soon eliminate. When this is done none of the top 8 allergens will be in our plant. I only mention this to show that I believe (being a baker) that the only way to completely eliminate cross-contamination is by not allowing any potential contaminants on site.

We used to have some products listed as corn free, but I had the “corn free” claim removed if pans are shared.

Sam Wylde, III.
(800) 331-5222"

Elizabeth said...

You might want this information for keeping your list up-to-date:

I contacted "Suzanne's" regarding their "Ricemellow Creme" (marshmallow substitute) and found out that among the ingredient listed as "natural flavors" is pure vanilla with an alcohol content. In my experience, when an extract uses an alcohol, it is often corn based. Sometimes, corn syrup is even listed as an ingredient in "pure vanilla extract."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. My question is how is Annie's Mac and Cheese okay? It states that it has Annatto as an ingredient. In your list under cheese you caution Annatto possibly having corn alcohol. I'm new to this all and am trying to find my way through. Thanks for any help!

Caroline said...

I just received this email response today from Annie's regarding my inquiry about the corn free status of the GF mac & cheese:

"Thank you for taking the time to contact Annie's Homegrown. If there is a corn allergy in the household I would suggest that this product not be consumed.

I have put a couple gluten free coupon booklets in the mail for you.

Thanks again for your inquiry. We hope that you will continue to enjoy Annie's Homegrown products!

Best regards,

Consumer Relations Associate
Annie's, Inc.
Home to Annie's Homegrown & Annie's Naturals"

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for making this list and all you do, it is more helpful than you could believe, please don't stop

-Spaedy from Delphi Forums

Nikki said...

I wanted people to know, just in case youre worried about the list being out-of-date because of the posting date- that this list IS still continually revised, and changes in 2011 are often reflected. Everyone wants to help keep this list up-to-date, and the owner of the blog frequently does ask us what we should put on the list next!
So: always read labels
and you have a pretty wonderfully safe- and somewhat current - list of loverly foods