Thursday, June 03, 2010

Tillamook Cheese Update

Tillamook cheese has been on our list for a while. Some people have reported reactions, but lately more so.

One of the Delphi - Avoiding Corn members inquired again into Tillamook and discovered that all their cheeses are unsafe, or at least unreliably safe.

All our cheeses are aged in 40# blocks; the packages our 40# blocks are aged in are dusted with corn starch"

This means that the outside portion of the blocks would contain more corn starch than the inside, so when its cut certain blocks may have more corn than others. Eating Tillamook with a corn allergy is a roulette of sorts.

Another poster clarified the corn starch dusting and it may be less contamination risk that originally thought, but do make sure to use caution or.. avoid it.

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