Sunday, August 29, 2010

Scott's 1000 Sheet Toilet Paper

Scott Tissue, 1000 Sheets Per Roll, 30 PackSeveral people have reported issues with Scott's 1000 sheet toilet paper (the last safe toilet paper from the list). Scott's, it seems has recently "improved" their product and it seems the improvement might be corny.

The search is on for a new safe toilet paper.

For more information on this discussion, please visit Delphi Forums: Avoiding Corn.

Newer update with information from the company: "We use a dusting of corn starch on the inside and outside of our poly wrappers to facilitate the packaging process. In addition, the packaging material of most of our products and the cores of our rolled products are made from recycled materials, and most also contain corn starch based adhesives."


Becca said...

We have been purchasing the huge packs from Sam's Club and haven't had a problem but we've seen the smaller packages are labeled "new formula" or some such non-sense. I know that momma's sometimes use home made, reusable wet wipes but I sure hope it doesn't come to that for adult use..... Anyone find any other corn free TP?

Anonymous said...

I found out about Scott's 1000 Sheets "improved" formula the hard way.... I recently started using KIRKLAND toilet paper, the Costco private label, after reading a couple of blogs saying it was corn-free. I believe this is in fact safe, although I also believe I'm currently reacting to the paper towels I just started using in the office building of my new job. Getting the usual strong flu-like symptoms, lesions and rash.) Switching back to Associated Supermarkets paper towels! LISA, NYC