Saturday, November 20, 2010

Corn-Free Turkey

Shopping for your Thanksgiving turkey this weekend?

Here's some of the latest information:

Butterball Fresh Turkey - not safe. corn starch is involved in the processing of the birds.

Foster Farms - multiple reported reactions with their bird products though should be safe by the company ingredient and processing reports from the company. I'm not sure what they're doing or how corn is in the birds, but your best bet is to find a different source of bird. - birds processed using normal kosher processes: kosher salt and water. The packaging may or may not be 100% corn-free. If you resort to this method of obtaining a safe turkey (I understand some areas of the USA do not carry much selection), make sure to rinse the turkey thoroughly before cooking. Birds can be purchased through their website or through Amazon.

Henry's Marketplace (subsidiary of Whole Foods) - Turkey is processed/packaged with water only.

Empire Whole turkeys - still safe.

Trader Joe's Kosher Turkey - these birds should be completely safe. Even the packaging was checked for corntamination.

This is the info that I have so far, if you have more information please let us know.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Kristy Tillman said...

Do the birds still eat corn/grains or have you checked into that part?

Von said...

Because many corn allergic/intolerant can still eat corn-fed meats, we only check to make sure no corn is used in the processing/packaging/flavoring.

If you need meat from animals that aren't fed corn at all, you'll have to find a local farmer. No national company raises animals without corn-feed.

nowellmama said...

My daughter is intolerant to corn and can not handle meats, so if anyone does find chicken or turkey that isn't fed corn, please post. We have not yet found one in the ohio area. Thanks.

Kelay said...

The Empire turkeys list "salt" as an ingredient. Does anyone know if this is still safe?

V Y said...

Empire is a kosher brand. They use kosher salt. It won't be iodized salt.