Thursday, July 07, 2011

Brown Cow Cream Top Yogurt - Plain

Brown Cow's Cream Top Yogurt (plain) is being removed from the corn-free list as it now contains pectin which may contain dextrose or other corny additives in it's production.

This may be added back to the list if it's proven again to be safe through human trials.

Until then use caution with all Brown Cow yogurt products.


-B said...

We just noticed that, too. We switched to Nancy's and seem to be okay with that, but it's way more expensive.

Anonymous said...

My son is very sensitive to corn, and derivatives and he has had two terrible reactions to brown cow yogurt. He also has a citrus allergy, so I figured it was the fact that pectin in food production is often derived from orange and lemon peels. So interesting to hear you say that pectin can contain dextrose! I didn't know that and he reacts terribly to dextrose too! So, whatever the source, we will no longer be buying Brown Cow. Thanks for all the great info here! I learn things each and every day.