Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mountain Rose Herbs - packaging alert

Reposted from our Facebook group because I know many of you order from the Mountain Rose Herbs site, and I wanted to make sure everyone had the "heads up". 

"For those of you ordering tea from Mountain Rose Herbs, you may or may not have noticed that they've begun shipping their 4oz teas in cellulose packaging. I got one 4oz tea from them that was in their older style paper bags just a couple weeks ago, but the next one I got was in the cellulose. I just talked to Blake from MRH on the phone, and she said that the packaging was supposed to be from trees/wood, but that there was no guarantee that corn cellulose did not make its way in. She said the spices would always come in the BPA-free plastic, not cellulose, and the larger-than-4oz size teas, as well."

I believe their products are the same as usual, and this is only a packaging change.


Ale said...

So, spices from this company are cornstarch free? Are they safe?

Brittany Hollister said...

We love Mountain Rose!

Got all my stuff for pregnancy tea there first. Then we started getting every day things (even our black pepper for cooking). Now I have a bunch of their products that we sell in our boutique.