Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Rice Krispies & Corn Allergy

As much as we'd all love to sit and eat Rice Krispy Treats, Kellogg's Rice Krispies are not safe for corn allergies.

First, Rice Krispies are fortified. The fortification process adds corn. ALWAYS. So if you see a product that is fortified with vitamins, just put it back on the shelf.

Fortification contains corn for two reasons.
1. The vitamins are sometimes sourced from corn as it the case with almost all Vitamin C products on the market. They are produced via fermentation of corn.
2. Corn and corn derivatives are used to stabilize the vitamins so that they are viable when added to the product, and so they are shelf-stable.. so that when you eat the product the vitamins are still viable.

I have circled/boxed in the main corny ingredients in these products. BHT is almost always derived from corn. And then there's the aforementioned vitamins.

Also in the original Rice Krispies there is malt flavor. There are two things this could be and both are so often from corn that I'd be surprised if it wasn't.
1. Malt Flavor can be from actual malted products, which is usually a mix of corn and barley. That it's not included in the gluten-free one, means there's likely some barley in it.
2. "Flavor" in most products - even natural flavor - is made in a lab somewhere from chemicals, which are usually corny.

All this to say, yes... Rice Krispies are not safe for corn allergies. 


Diane said...

Drives me bats that folks continually argue with me about "enrichment".. Thanks for posting this and hopefully end a few my debates.

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Melzinger said...

Does anyone know of a corn free vitaminC supplement?

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Anonymous said...

This might explain why Rice Krispies and Rice Chex make me nose run and sometimes hurt my stomach even though they don't explicitly show any ingredient that makes me sick. If Corn is used for putting all the Vitamins in though, that'd explain why.

Thank you.