Friday, March 02, 2007

Corn-Free List - as of 3-1-2007

This posting contains an outdated list.

Please Go to Corn-Free Foods & Products List mainsite and look on the sidebar for an updated list. Thanks


Corn-Free Foods & Products List – Current only at the time of posting.

This is not a guarantee of corn-free, but foods that I in conjunction with others have investigated and tested. Since we all have different sensitivities, use this more as a guide and less as a bible. Some of these foods I haven’t tried and have relied on other’s experiences, as some of these products are either not available in my area or I must avoid them for other reasons.

Read labels every time you buy a product, and be cautious. If anyone has had problems with anything listed here, please do let us know. (Thanks to Violets for her work in helping to create this list.)

Some items on the list have reported corn in them (mostly medications). These have been left on the list, with the source of corn noted on the side. These are left on the list as they may be needed in an emergency, and an educated decision is best at these times.

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