Monday, May 07, 2007

Gabriel & Zuzu Luxe Cosmetics

I had confirmed Gabriel & Zuzu Luxe products back in fall of 2005 as being corn-free unless corn/zea mays/maize was clearly labeled on the package ingredients.

A newer confirmation was posted on Delphi - Avoiding Corn stating that all products were corn-free except the following items:

Seaweed Mask, Gabriel Moisturizing Liquid Foundation, Clean Kids Foaming Shampoo and Germ Busting Soap.

All Zuzu Luxe products are corn-free, and several have tried the mascaras (Gabriel & Zuzu Luxe) with success.

These products have been seen at Whole Foods and other healthfood/organic oriented stores. To find a store near you, please visit the Gabriel & Zuzu Luxe website and use their store locator.

You can also order their products from their website, but not all the colors are easily judged by their pictures. For a discussion on what Zuzu Luxe colors actually look like, go to Delphi - Avoiding Corn: Gabriel Cosmetics and read thread.

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