Monday, October 18, 2010

Ghirardelli not corn-free chocolate

Ghirardelli Premium Chocolate Assortment Holiday Candy Gift Bag Assortment, 55 SquaresA recent Ghirardelli response posted on Delphi Forums clearly states that their chocolate contains vanilla processed with corn derivatives.

"Our vanilla is extracted from the bean with a corn alcohol."

This is a normal process of nearly all commercially or store-bought vanilla flavoring, and is why we encourage all corn allergic persons to make their own vanilla at home using vanilla beans and safe vodka.

Ghirardelli also mentions that their cocoa which should be corn-free per its ingredients, is processed on the same lines as corn-laden cocoa and thus may be unsafe.

As with everything, your mileage may vary, but Ghirardelli won't make our safelist.

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