Saturday, August 20, 2011

BlueBonnet Vitamins & Suppliments

Inquiries into the Bluebonnet company and products as posted on Delphi Forums - Avoiding Corn, has made this company one of our favorites. Keep in mind that not all of their products are corn-free, but their willingness to give out accurate information for people with food allergies has us pretty impressed.

Capsules - made from pine/spruce
Vegetable Cellulose - made from pine/spruce
L-Glutamine - cassava
Calcium Magnesium - corn-free (check labels to make certain you have the right one)

Do be aware though at any of their products containing fructose, Vitamin C, powdered Vitamin D3, or vegetarian glucosamine will not be safe for a corn allergy. These ingredients are confirmed sourced from corn.

The BlueBonnet Calcium Magnesium 1:1 Ratio (pictured here) contains traces of rice. FYI.

Also, their multivitamins are not corn-free. "that all their vitamin C is derived from corn, the vitamin D3 from lanolin contains corn starch in the drying method from an oil to a powder, both of these ingredients are in all their multivitamins."

It's so good to deal with a company who gives you the straight forward truth about what is or isn't in their products. Even though many of their products may not be corn-free, it's nice to know they're honest and we can trust the replies we're given. Kudos BlueBonnet!


Anonymous said...

WooHoo thanks to this post I finally was able to try the B-complex with my daughter's and it is GREAT!!!!! No typical reactions and has even helped one of mine with her focus!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post, very helpful!

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The companies should be honest to tell the ingredients used in their products. Most of the people are buying products by reading the ingredients used. So, we should aware of which one is good for health.

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