Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Annie's Mac & Cheese - not entirely corn-free.

Most Annie's products have been consistently proven to be problematic for those with sensitive corn allergies, and we've had several posts about their seemingly safe looking products being removed from our lists.

Their Mac & Cheese was officially removed a while ago, though it doesn't seem like we made a post about it.  The Mac & Cheese looks good on the label but did not pass our human testing sufficiently.

The annatto coloring agent is suspected but also those products without annatto have caused reactions. The cause of the reactions is unknown at this point but thought to be part of the cheese flavoring packet.

Those less sensitive may find they do well with the product now and then, but it is not recommended for those really sensitive to corn.

Our articles on other Annie's products:
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There are a couple Annie's products still on the  list. Their plain pastas and their mustard. Please use extreme caution with any of their other products.


Leen said...

Thank you. I want to hug you and everyone who contributes to your blog here. I have, what seems to have been, a corn allergy my whole life, but it exploded about 2 months after turning 30. I have spent the greater part of the last 5 yrs looking into ingredients and am so grateful to you and http://www.cornallergens.com/ to find out what is going on. I picked this post because I still eat the mac&cheese, but have been eating the 365 WF brand instead of Annie's. I just wanted to send a huge THANKS to you and your team for investigating and for sharing. I am on the hunt for cornmeal free pizza now!

Von said...

Aww thanks, you're very welcome.

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