Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bob's Red Mill Flours

I could have sworn that I'd posted about this on here already since everyone "in the know" has already been avoiding these like plague, but I couldn't find a post about it using the search.

Anyway, for years now, these have been on the No-No List. Technically they were still on the list, but with a major disclaimer of "Avoid!!!".  Which is kinda silly to keep them on a recommended list, and then tell people not to eat it.

I know that I kept them on the list because they are a very popular "alternative" brand and due to that people would continually ask me to add them to the list, or recommend that people use them.

Well I'm officially going to take them off the list completely.

Their products are extremely hit and miss when it comes to corntamination. When Bob's Red Mill was contacted about this, albeit this was a few years ago though to my knowledge nothing has changed since reaction reports keep pouring in, they stated that most of their products are ground on the same machinery. This includes corn.

While they do everything they can to prevent cross-contamination, it's been our experience within all of our groups that their products still contain enough cornamination to cause reactions among the corn allergic.

Since this is cross-contamination, some batches may have more or less than others. So some people may never attribute reactions to the product, because they assume it is something else, or they may find that they do well for a while and then suddenly end up in the ER. We have had dozens if not hundreds of reported reactions about their products over the years.

Because of this, we really DO NOT recommend Bob's Red Mill products for anyone with a corn allergy.

So please use caution.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this information! I never thought about "corn-contaminiation" in various products and have been on the watch for "gluten-contamination" for years now since I was diagnosed with multiple allergies. I guess this explains why I "fail" on so many apparently "safe" diets. In the last couple years I also figured out that I reacted to Xanthum gum and citric acid (not from fruit) used as additives... now I know why! I also see some soaps I can tolerate on your lists and can guess why I have so many skin reactions to those not on your list now as well. =)

Celeste Clevenger said...

Have to agree. Was a huge Bob's Red Mill fan for so many years, but then our whole family started to notice we were having a reaction to their products. Time for Bob's to step it up a notch and grind their corn on other equipment. Also Bob's in Australia is completely gf - 100%. Why can't they do that for those of us in the US, too?