Friday, August 30, 2013

Pure Encapsulations

I really wish all companies were this forthright and quickly reliable with their answers. So if you can do corn in your diet, look this company up.

Unfortunately, if you avoid corn, Pure Encapsulations may not be for you. I recently inquired about their B12-Folate product. Which is a great little B-12 product, especially for those with MTHFR gene mutation or for other reasons have trouble metabolizing Cobalamin or B-12 from foods.

Here's the response from the company on corn in this product:

"Dear Ms. Young,

Pure Encapsulations methylcobalamin is derived from corn dextrose fermentation. The ascorbyl palmitate is sourced from corn dextrose fermentation and palm oil. The hypo-allergenic plant fiber and vegetarian capsule are derived from pine cellulose.


Pure Encapsulations, Inc.
490 Boston Post Road
Sudbury, MA  01776

As you can clearly see, this is not safe for those needing to avoid corn and likely will affect those allergic and intolerant alike.

As far as we're aware, there is not a 100% corn-free B-12 supplement out there. If we ever do fine one, we'll be sure to post.


Anonymous said...

You might look at the Standard Process cataplex B12. It has not reacted with my corn allergies. It needs to be purchased through a knowledgeable professional such as a chiropractor (I get mine from an acupuncture practitioner). It also includes intrinsic factor that allows your body to be able to use it. Works great for pernicious anemia. I have my blood levels checked every 6 months and they are always very good.

V Y said...

That's good to know about the Standard Process, but it contains cyanocobalamin which those with the MTHFR mutation cannot break down effectively. So it may work for some people but not those with the mutation.

The B-12 Folate product above has both the methylcobalamin and the methyltetrahydrafolate that those with the MTHFR mutation would need.