Saturday, December 02, 2006

Nature Bake Breads

A post on Delphi Avoiding Corn Forum talks about Nature Bake Breads.

"If you can tolerate commerical yeast, Nature Bake bread is wonderful. They are very careful about corn and soy ingredients because of the GMO issue as well as an awareness of allergies, and the owner is a very nice man. I called the company and was talking to him within minutes. He takes great pride in his bread and seems to know every detail that goes on in the production.

They do make a few breads that contain corn or soy (I forget which--we have to avoid both), but are careful about cross-contamination issues and make sure to label everything that goes into the bread. There are no chemicals or preservatives. GMO issues are very important to them, also, and they carry an organic line and a line made with spelt. We like the whole spelt bread

They use Fleischmann's and SAF (owned by Red Star) yeast in the bread." - Purple Kangaroo

Nature Bake Company Website

While this bread may be acceptable for some with corn allergies, we will not be adding it to the list due to the corn in the yeast problem.

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