Saturday, November 03, 2007

Corn Fabrics

Because food isn't enough to worry about, they've put corn corn everywhere.

A post on Conner's Corn Allergens Forum under Discussion: Fabric Made From Corn lists the following fabrics or materials to watch out for:

Sorona (supposedly the new nylon)

PLAs - water bottles, shampoo bottles and even carpets.

Ingeo line of Bedding at Target (Ingeo is a corn-based fabric, and expanding to clothes and designer shirts).

Kira - durable, high performance fabric from corn - Herman Miller fabric. Used on systems panels, tackboards, screens, and Ethospace tiles.

Natureworks PLA - clothing, carpets, diapers, mattresses, upholstery, yarn.

Oh and Minnesota T-Wolves games - beer mugs made from corn.

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