Saturday, November 03, 2007

Kettle brand Chips

An inquiry into Kettle Chips posted on Delphi - Avoiding Corn, states that Kettle Chip Company has changed their processing of the potato chips.

The potato chips were removed from our list back in Dec 2006, due to multiple reaction complaints. However, with this new processing, I feel semi-confident in adding them back in temporarily.

The new processing lines for the chips has separated the potato chips from the same equipment as their corn chips. Hopefully this solves the problems people were having their chips.

Kettle chips Unsalted and Lightly Salted varieties will be added back to the list.. for now.

Please let us know if you're eating these and how you're doing.

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AZ rafter said...

Just had kettle chips with sea salt last night 9/20/12. On package ingredients were potatoes, sunflower or safflower oil and sea salt. Thought it would be safe but experienced stomach pains, cramping and bloating all night and into this morning.