Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Annie's Homegrown Bunny Grahams

Annie's Homegrown Family Size Bunny Grahams Honey, Chocolate & Chocolate Chip, 10-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)In case you didn't notice, in the last updated list, we removed these crackers from it. Actually thats one of the things that prompted me to post an unfinished list.

 Multiple reactions about these grahams have been reported, and it is still unsure where the culprit lies. However, I am certain due to these multiple reports that they are not purely corn-free in any variety.

A recent company statement though still claims these to be corn-free: "We are very sorry that your son has had an allergic reaction that appeared to be caused by our product. Please be assured that our manufacturing facilities follow a strict regimen for corn allergen prevention.  There is no corn, corn derived, or any process making the chocolate bunny grahams with corn in this product. Thank you again for contacting us."

I am at this time unsure if its the yeasts, the natural flavors, vanilla or what it is that is causing the reactions. Looking at their site however, I noticed that most of the varieties now contain corn flour and I assume all the bunny grahams are run on the same lines.

I am posting this as a huge caution label for everyone. Please use extreme caution with these products.


Rebecca said...

We haven't been able to eat any of Annies cookie/snack products. Perhaps they "grease" the packaging for easier packing with a corn based product? Or as you stated the corn flour that is in most of their products.

Thanks for the info.

DenaBean said...

I know what it is! They use baking powder, which has cornstarch. I saw these in the grocery store YESTERDAY and read the label. I put them back after reading about the baking powder because i knew my son would react... then today i came across this post looking for something totally unrelated.

Von said...

DenaBean - I'm looking at a box right now, and no baking powder is listed.

They still aren't safe though.

DenaBean said...

I'm going to look at the box again next time I go to the store. Because I know I saw something right away in them that made me NOT buy them for my corn allergic son. There was an ingredient that stood out. I thought it was baking powder. Sorry. :(