Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Doctor's Best B-12 & Folate

Several of our Corn Allergy MTHFR friends are looking into vitamin and mineral supplements for the treatment of MTHFR. The following are likely not to be 100% corn-free due to the way that B-12 itself is made. However these may be some good options for those looking for these supplements.

Doctor's Best - Best Fully Active B-12 (contains cellulose and modified cellulose from soft woods) (Amazon Link)

As of yet, these have not been human tested to see how corny they may be. If you do use these successfully, let us know.


Doctor's Best - Best Fully Active Folate
 (on 9/10/13 the product did contain just MTHF with rice flour as a filler and the capsule, and just a few days later, now contains ascorbic acid, likely from corn - AVOID.) (Amazon Link)


Jennifer said...

I've had good luck with Landau brand kosher vitamins. http://www.amazon.com/Landau-Kosher-B12-Vitamin-250/dp/B001AS844U

V Y said...

The Landau one has some scary ingredients. I'm afraid I'd be scared to try it.

Kim Y said...

I bought some and it has vitamin C in it. Any idea what that is sourced from? Im afraid to try it.