Monday, September 30, 2013

Seeking Health - Kids Optimal Multivitamin

Seeking Health was questioned a couple times on whether their products were corn-free, and have stated that the product is corn-free. A recent email reply from them clearly defines what they consider "corn-free" so please use caution with their products.

"Vitamin C is synthesized using corn glucose as a starting material. The vitamin C is corn-free, i.e. free of corn allergen. B vitamins are chemically synthesized, except for riboflavin derived through a microbial fermentation process."

Here we consider things to contain corn if they are derived from corn as many people who are allergic to corn do react to the derivatives.

Some people have done well with a few of the Seeking Health products so total avoidance of their products may not be necessary for everyone, and this is one of the very few (if not the only) MTHFR based medications formulated for kids.  As such, those with MTHFR affected children may find the benefits of this multivitamin outweigh the negative.

But being informed of the risks is important, and caution is necessary.  If you know you or your child is too sensitive to tolerate any corn derivative, please refrain from trying this product.

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