Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Corn-Free is getting sexy. Avoiding Corn in the bedroom.

We're having a good and much needed discussion about sex, corn, and allergic reactions on our favorite forum, Delphi Avoiding Corn: "Condoms and STD Protection?" and we'd love to get as much user-tested information as possible.

Since most pills do contain corn, finding a good contraceptive can be difficult, plus trying to be safe by protecting yourself from diseases just adds to the fun of this allergy.

We firmly believe in living a full and happy corn-free life, and this is one area with a lot of pitfalls. (The last thing anyone needs during those intimate times is a life or death health episode. For some reason that  tends to ruin the mood.)

We're also discussing kissing as the exchange of any bodily fluids can put you at risk of an allergic reaction if the other person eats your allergens.

So please, come join the discussion and share your experiences. (Registration is free)

Tis the season for love and sharing. Right? :)

(We'll be using any information shared to help improve our corn-free products list in this much needed area.)

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Nikki said...

I hope you guys get this! I called Badger cosmetics today, and inquired about any advice they had gotten from other customers about use as a lubricant. One gal shouted "i never thought of that!!!", and transfered me higher up, AND told me she was going to email the suppliers, because they have tons of good ingredients, it would be easy to start manufacturing. The gal higher up on the chain told me that she had heard multiple positive feedback about their "unscented antioxidant body oil", which she knows is packaged on-site, as well as unscented badger balm, which is also packaged on-site, with no cross-contamination.

they let me know that the terra tints and their lip balms are packaged off-site in a facility that manufactures gluten products, but that the chapsticks ARE, ingredients-wise, both gluten and corn free. The bees and beeswax are from Australia, and pure cane water is given to the bees if they need supplementation.

alright.... onward and upward!