Sunday, December 05, 2010

Gerber & Earth's Best use corn-based acids

Gerber Variety Pack Fruit Juice (2-Apple, 1-Pear, 1-White Grape), 4 Count, 4-Ounce Platic Bottles (Pack of 6)"earths best baby food and gerber juices use corn base for their ascorbic and citric acids, i called this morning (all were very friendly and forth right)."

This was in the comments of one of our corn-free lists. The comment was left in January 2010 (yes I'm behind), but I wanted to add it as a post to make it easier for other mothers to find in the information.

As always, use caution with any products that list ascorbic or citric acid as these almost always are made from corn.


The Gluten-free 'Dish' said...

Thanks for sharing this information.
Corn does hide under many names.

Jenny S said...

Wow, no idea. I gave my daughter Earths Best apples and she reacted badly despite having my homemade baby food apples. I guess now I know why I remember seeing it had asorbic acid and wondered if that could be it. Maybe she has a corn allergy and I dont even know. :(

Anonymous said...

Jenny - What type of reaction did she have? Some people have citric acid intolerance. I think my son does - he gets very fussy if he eats too much fruit. Or perhaps your daughter has both corn allergy and citric acid intolerance like my son. :-(