Monday, December 06, 2010

Looza Juices

Looza Peach Nectar ( 6x33.8 OZ)It has just come to my attention that Looza juices (a division of Pepsi - who knew?) are now using ascorbic acid in their regular juices.

Since a reaction prompted this news, and most ascorbic acid is from corn, I'll be removing these from the list unless they're reverified corn-free sometime in the future.

I also wanted to caution readers that the poster believes that Looza was putting the ascorbic acid into bottles with the old labels until they redid the packaging or ran out of the old packaging (however that works) so if you're drinking these juices and having problems.. this may be the culprit.

As always, use caution and read labels every time.

(Update: Supposedly the mango does not contain ascorbic or citric acid and should be corn-free, but at this time it is the only one.)

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