Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Barilla - Cross Contamination Problem

We have not added Barilla pasta to the safelist due to several reported reactions.

One of the Delphi - Corn Avoiders recently called Barilla to check on the ingredients of one of their pasta sauces. See Original post here: Delphi - Avoiding Corn: Barilla Sauce

While Barilla claims not to put any gluten or corn derivatives (citric acid is from tapioca) in their sauce, they did mention that there is a high probability of cross contamination with wheat or corn products.

Their products may be safe for those who are not highly sensitive to corn, but use their products at your own risk as one batch may be safe and another not-so-much.

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Stacey said...

For tomato pasta sauces, ordering from Lidia's Italan website is a possibility:

I patronized their Kansas City restaurant last year and the food was fabulous. I purchased several jars of their sauce and had no issues whatsoever. People may want to call to confirm the ingredients though as I don't remember offhand if every flavor combo was safe or not.

(and on a side note, the restaurant was one of the most solicitous ones I've been to with reference to my allergy).