Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Giambris Natural Candy

According to several posts on Delphi Avoiding Corn Forum: Corn-free Candy Canes, there is a company in New Jersey that makes a corn-free candy candy cane. Giambris Natural Candy Company makes candy canes from pure cane sugar, beet coloring, and oil of peppermint.

However, another poster on Delphi Avoiding Corn Forum: Corn-free Candy Canes called the company to double check on cross-contamination problems.

Giambris Natural's corn-free candy canes are made in the same work area right after and inbetween batches of corn syrup candies. The work area is not cleaned in between batches.

This is a huge issue of cross-contamination and please use caution if you do decide to enjoy them.

This product will not be showing up on the list for this reason.

*Update 12/12/06. Just as an added warning.. A poster on Delphi had already ordered these prior to finding out about the cross-contamination problem, and at a weak moment decided to try them and had a reaction. Her testimonial includes "DO NOT BUY THESE CANDY CANES!" and "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME..."

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