Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Not Corn-free Research up until 11-13-06

Since this blog is new, and there has been some research done prior to opening the blog, I thought I'd put a short update on foods already researched either through company correspondence or through human guinea-pig testing.

Some of these products the companies still insist and declare corn-free status, and may be tolerable for those with higher tolerances. However, you have been warned.

Food Items: (listed alphabetically by brand/manufacturer)

365 Sodas (Whole Foods) All varieties - (citric acid is from corn, natural flavors -essential oils)

365 Organic Chicken Broth (now has corn starch)

Applegate Farms company confirms chicken pot pie, black forest ham, chicken nuggets, joystick Salami/Pepperoni/Soppressata (all varieties) contain corn.

Arrowhead Mills puffed cereals - possible cross contamination - reactions reported.

Barilla Pastas - has corn. Probably in the enrichments. Several reactions reported.

Cabot Cheese - Conveyer dressings dusted in corn, cross contamination likely.

Carr's Water Table Crackers: Multiple reactions reported. Possible flour contamination?

Cascadian Farms Purely O's company confirmed corn

Charmin Toilet tissue - contains corn starch.

Del Monte "naturally derived citric acid" is from corn. Citric acid is labeled if used.

Farm Friends Crackers - Malt contains corn grits. Customer service very helpful, looking into ways to make product safe.

Fleishmanns - yeast. Grown on corn.

Gold Medal Flour (unbleached) reported reactions

Gold Medal Organic Unbleached Flour CC 10/06 (multiple reactions)

Heinz vinegars (Cider vinegar is suspect, company never confirmed either way. All others Heinz said contains corn.)

Hodgson Mill Flour (unbleached) (CC) (clean/dust equip with corn starch between runs. not safe)

Hodgson's Mill Yeast – grown on corn.

Kellogg’s Organic Raisin Bran & Organic Mini-Wheats (several reported reactions)

Kleenex Tissues - confirmed corn.

Kirkland Vanilla Ice Cream: corn-free except the vanilla is distilled with corn alcohol.

LeSaffre yeast is grown on corn sugar.

Midel graham crackers and cookies. Trace amounts of corn. Reactions reported.

Namaste mixes (Note: Some contain xanthan gum. Namaste claims corn-free status, but several have reported reactions) CC GF

Newman's Own Spelt Pretzels (and other products) - Newman’s doesn't consider corn allergenic so cross-contamination is a big problem. Several reactions reported.

New Morning Honey Grahams (cream of tartar? corn source?) Has trace amounts of corn. Multiple reactions reported.

Organic Valley says are not cornfree: Buttermilk & Buttermilk powder (culture corn derived), Chocolate Milk, Heavy Whipping Cream, Lactose-free Milk, Eggnog, All soy products, Sour Cream, cream cheese (one of the two cultures is corn derived). Cheeses packaging dusted with cornstarch: See Article on News for Corn Avoiders

Organic Valley Milks – Company confirmed all except those produced at the “55 1224” plant are corn-free. GF However, all enriched ones have several reported reactions.

Piedmont Candy Company sticks - Company confirmed that they use cornstarch in all products.

Red Star Yeast (note: Grown on corn but company swears the final product has no corn after testing) Several reactions.

Rice Dream Cocoa Marble Fudge "Ice Cream" - company no longer says is corn-free.

Pom 400 Toilet Paper (glue at the start is corn and glue to hold paper to roll is corn) paper is corn-free otherwise - Sam's Club

SAF Yeasts - Grown on corn, company claims no corn remains.

Spice Hunter - some products contain maltodextrin. Unsure which ones as of yet.

Snyder of Hanover Pretzel Sticks CC 8/06 (reported reactions, possibly cross-contamination issues)

Spry gum - Xylitol from corn.

StoneyField Farms - All organic yogurts and smoothies - CC 8/06 (caution - vanilla does have corn alcohol, unsure on pectin. Company insists its corn-free) multiple reactions reported.

StoneyField Farms Plain Yogurt (full fat) CC unsure of source of corn, but several reported reactions.

SunMaid Raisins 1-877-415-3397 (multiple reported reactions, esp in Canada)

Terra Chips (Sweet Potato and Other) (processed on same lines with corn, but machinery cleaned between batches) 8/06 – several reported reactions

Tom's of Maine - Company Confirmed that xylitol may be corn or birch depending, and sorbitol is corn.

Walker's Shortbread Cookies (several reported reactions)


Method (Target) - products now have corn listed on the label.

Avalon Organics’: Lavender Shampoo (several reactions reported)
Dr. Bronner Sal-Suds: Lauryl glucoside made from corn.

Excedrine Migraine: company now uses corn in all products.

Freeda Vitamins : Company quickly confirms corn-free status (as well as milk, egg, and yeast free) however on two separate trials of their products severe reactions were reported. Use extreme caution.

Nature’s Plus: Animal Parade Vitamins (corn-reactions reported)

Solgar Vitamins: Company confirms that these are corn-free, though multiple corn allergy reactions have been reported to several different products.

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