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Corn and Gluten Free list 1/30/07

Gluten free/Corn free list
**Please note I am still researching some products. I have revamped the list to make it easier to use, at least in my opinion. I am still researching supplements and medications, so they appear empty at this time.


Product information can change at any time without notice. Although we make every effort to keep this list up to date, remember to always check ingredients and use new products with caution. This guide is meant to be a starting point for you to form your own list of products that work for *you*.

Baby Formula:

The only corn free baby formula known to us is Alimentum Ready to Feed (powdered contains corn derivatives)

Baking Needs:

• Ah-Laska Unsweetened Cocoa Powder CC 2006
• Ancient Grains Quinoa Flour
• Arrowhead Mills Rice Flours, Buckwheat Flour arrowheadmills.com *cross contamination possible, cleaning practices in place
• Arrowroot
• Baking Soda
• Baking Powder Substitute: ¼ tsp baking soda + ½ tsp cream of tartar per 1 tsp baking powder
• Beet sugar beetsugar.org
• Boyajians Pure Citrus Oils
• C&H White Granulated Sugar chsugar.com
• C&H brown sugar chsugar.com
• Dagoba Chocodrops (potential reaction reported)
• Dominoes Brown Sugar dominosugar.com
• Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Chips enjoylifefoods.com (note, chocolate chips do not have corn ingredients but other enjoy life foods with corn grown xantham gum are labeled “corn free” so use other products with caution)
• Featherweight Baking Powder (uses potato starch instead of corn)
• Florida Crystals Organic Cane Sugar 14oz and #3 containers (CC 2005) floridacrystals.com
• Frontier Alcohol Free Flavorings (not vanilla extract) 800-669-3275
• Grandma’s Molasses
• Hershey’s Unsweetened Cocoa Powder hersheys.com
• Knox Unflavored Gelatin
• Leiber’s Kosher For Passover Real Chocolate Chips (sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa)
• Libby’s canned pumpkin (Not pie mix, 100% pumpkin only)
• Lorann oils flavorings lorannoils.com
• NuWorld Amaranth Flour
• Pure Maple Syrup (note: some possible reactions reported suspecting corn used as defoamer; awaiting confirmation on safe or not safe brands)
• Miss Robens Flour, some (check label) allergygrocer.com
• Miss Robens Mixes (various, read labels and disclaimers) allergygrocer.com
• Mother’s Margarine kosher for Passover (usually available the first 4 months of the year, around Passover time. Throughout the year in some places.)
• Pioneer Sugar – Michigan sugar company – Beet sugar
• Potato Starch (check Passover section, or with ethnic foods)
• Rapunzel Chocolate drops/chips
• ShariAnn’s Pumpkin puree (pure pumpkin only, not pie mix)
• Spectrum Shortening (palm oil)
• Suzanne’s Ricemellow cream (marshmallow sub) suzannes-specialties.com
• Tapioca starch
• Trader Joe’s canned pumpkin
• Vanilla: Soak a vanilla bean in potato vodka for at least 2 weeks
• Vanilla.com Ground Vanilla beans, vanilla sugar

Beverages (See also Dairy and Dairy alternatives):

• 365 Organic Apple Juice
• Bernard Janson’s Black Cherry Concentrate (can be used to flavor compounded liquid meds)
• Canada Dry Sparkling Water
• Cascadian Farms Organic grape juice concentrate (frozen)
• Ceres Fruit Juices (CC 2005)
• Faygo Sparkling Water
• Floridas Natural OJ with calcium (only) ???
• Knudsens Just Juices (check labels) CC 4/06
• Lakewood Organic Apple Juice
• Loosa Juices from Belgium (tall glass bottles)
• Martinelli’s Apple Juice (10 oz bottles)
• Minute Maid lemon juice concentrate, orange juice (frozen)
• POM pomegranate juice
• Potato Vodka (use to make vanilla for baking
• Reeds Premium Ginger Brew
• Santa Cruz Organic Lemon; Lime CC 10/06
• Steez Green Tea Soda
• Virgils Cream Soda (waiting confirmation)
• Voss Sparkling Water

Breads/Baked goods and mixes

• Chebe Bread Mixes chebe.com (CC; possible reaction reported to plain mix. Cinnamon and Garlic/onion mix okay.)
• Cybros Rice Breads
• Gluten Free Pantry – Danielle Chocolate Cake Mix
• Miss Robens, various mixes (check label and disclaimer) allergygrocer.com
• Namaste, certain mixes (Note; They say the xantham gum is grown on wheat but contains no gluten or recognizable wheat. Some report possible corn reactions) CC

Candy, dried fruit (and other sweet snacks)
• Bazooka Gum, Kosher for Passover only
• Dagoba Chocolates (CC; check labels)
• Endangered Species Dark chocolate
• Fruitabu (stretch Island fruit leather) CC 1/07
• Ginger People Candied Ginger
• Just fruit; most varieties. Check label (Note, some reactions reported to berries. Possible cross contamination from “just corn” or non related sensitivities)
• Lara Bars (check label, maya not confirmed) larabar.com
• Lindt Excellence 70% or 85% Dark Chocolate
• Made in Nature Unsulphered Dried Fruit
• Rapunzel chocolates (Note, reactions reported to plain milk chocolate)
• Reeds Candied Ginger
• Save the forest cranberry crunch trail mix bar (GF to be confirmed)
• Scharfenberger Chocolate Bars
• St. Claires tarts/candies/mints
• Sunmaid raisins 6 pk of 1.5 oz boxes ONLY
• SunRype fruit to go
• Sunsweet dried plums 800-417-2253
• Trader Joes unsulphered dried fruit (ingredients fruit and sugar) CC 2006
• Whole Kids unsulphered raisins
• Yummy Earth Lollipops CC 12/06

Canned Goods (soups, vegetables, fruits)

• Cento Tomato Puree. Paste, crushed tomatoes cento.com 856-853-5445
• Coconut Milks: Blue Mountain Country Coconut milk (coconut and water)
o Harris Teeters Naturals Full Fat coconut Milk
o Thai Kitchen Lite Organic Coconut Milk
o Kame Lite coconut milk
• Contadina Tomato Paste
• Del Monte Lite Pear Halves, sliced peaches delmonte.com
• Del Monte canned vegetables,( read labels)
• Del Monte Organic tomato paste (citric acid corn based and labeled)
• Divina Kalamata Olives (check labels)
• Eden Organic beans/rice edenfoods.com
• Eden Organic Tomatoes
• Imagine Soups (check labels, not corn chowder)
• Imagine Organic Vegentable Broth
• Imagine Organic free range chicken broth
• Kroger No Salt added vegetables
• Lapas organic olives
• Libby’s Pumpkin (not pie mix, 100% pumpkin puree)
• Melissa’s steamed ready to eat baby beets (vacuum packed in the refrigerated produce section) melissas.com 800-588-0151
• Motts Organic Apple Sauce; snack pack unsweetened *only* (SP ascorbic acid from fruit) 800-426-4891
• Natural Value Canned Beans
• Pomi Tomatoes farmlanddairies.com/pomi.htm (corn reaction reported 1/07 awaiting confirmation)
• Publix Greenwise canned vegetables (check labels)
• Santa Barbara Olive Company Jumbo Black olives
• Shari Ann’s Pumpkin (100% pumpkin)
• Tassos Olives tassos.com
• Trader Joe’s Pumpkin puree

Cereals (Hot and cold; see also grains or baking needs)
• Barbara’s Brown Rice Snaps CC 2005 barbarasbakery.com
• Erewhon Crispy Brown rice snaps
• Healthy Times Rice Cereal (for babies)
• Lundbergh Farms cream of rice 530-882-4551 lundberg,com
• Nature’s Path Crispy Rice
• NuWorld Amaranth Snaps nuworldfoods.com
• Poconos Cream of Buckwheat
• Quinoa Flakes
• Rice and Shine (possible corn reaction reported)

Condiments and spices

• Apple Cider Vinegar, Braggs
• Annie’s naturals organic ketchup (vinegar from apples) CC11/06
• Daddy Sam’s Barbeque Sawce allergygrocer.com
• Jiff Regular Creamy and Chunky (mono & diglycerides from soy) CC 8/06
• Jills Jams and Jellies jillsjam.com (Read labels. Only safe ingredients: Fruit, cane sugar, apple based pectin) CC 2006
• Kame Rice Wine Vinegar
• McCormick single Spices (check labels; maltodextrin etc labeled. Mixed spices NOT okay.)
• Natural Nut Butters (any) check label. Dry Roasted nuts should be the only ingredient.
• Once Again Crunchy peanut butter
• Orphee mustards allergygrocer.com
• Sea Salt (iodized has corn, watch for additives and anticaking agents)
• St. Dalfour Jams and Jellies
• Sunbutter Sunflower Seed Butter
• Trader Joe’s Almond Butter
• Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Butter
• Vegennaise Grapeseed oil Mayonnaise

Cookies and Crackers (snack foods)

• Cheecha Krackles allergygrocer.com
• Edward and Sons Brown Rice snaps (unsalted, plain; possible cross contamination in plant.)
• Mother’s Plain Rice Cakes
• Nana’s Gluten Free cookies (dextrins from rice)
• NuWorld Amaranth Snackers
• Pandero’s Delights Cookies panderosdelights.com (Note, Ascorbic Acid added 1/07. CC from tapioca. Not trialed)
• Quinoa Krunchies allergygrocer.com
• Sesmark Brown Rice Crackers
• Shoestring Potato Stix
• Stix brand Veggie stix

Dairy (and dairy alternative) products

• 365 Original Soy Milk ???
• Brown Cow Farm: cream top yoghurt (cows corn fed) CC 8/06
• Brown Cow Unhomogenized Cream Line Milk
• Daisy Sour Cream ?
• Dannon Natural Plain Yoghurt (full fat only)
• FAGE greek yoghurt
• Harris Teeters Natural’s Organic Whole Milk
• Kirkland Cheddar Cheese (contains annatto, possibly in corn alcohol)
• Kirkland Monterey Jack cheese Costco.com/customerservice
• Kroger Naturally Preferred Whole Milk (w/out vitamins) CC container corn free 10/06
• Imagine Original Soy Dream (not enriched) tastethedream.com
• Myenberg Goat Milk (vitamin D from lanolin) CC 8/06
• Organic Valley ultra pasteurized Whole Milk 1-888-444-MILK (not from plant “55 1224”
• Organic Valley Half and Half; milk powder
• Promised Land Dairy CC all White milk products (not flavored)
• Publix Organic Milk (CC using Sunflower oil as vitamin carrier)
• Purity Farms Ghee (clarified butter)
• Stoneyfield Farms Full Fat milk
• Trader Joe’s unsalted butter
• Trader Joe’s Organic lowfat plain yoghurt
• Tillamook Cheese in 8 os, 10 os and 1 lb sizes ONLY. Others are treated with cornstarch and may contain cornstarch residue.) CC 2005
• Willow Run Margarine (soy based)

Frozen foods:
• Albertsons fruits/veggies without sauce READ labels 1-877-932-7948
• Alexia French fries, some varieties check label
• Birdseye fruits/veggies w/out sauce (check labels, citric acid is corn derived but clearly labeled)
• C&W fruits/veggies without sauce (Check Labels) 1-800-CUT-CORN
• Cascadian Farms Frozen Fruit/Veggies (including vacuum packed) without sauce 1-800-624-4123 smallworldfarms.com
• Cascadian Farms frozen potato products, check labels
• Cool Fruits Frozen pops (otter pop style) CC 8/06
• Ians alphatot French fries iansnaturalfoods.com
• Trader Joes frozen fruits/veggies Check labels!
• Vans Wheat Free Waffles (original only; check labels) vanswaffles.com
• Westpac frozen veggies
• Wymans frozen blueberries and raspberries 800-341-1758 wymans.com

Grains and Dry Pasta
• Ancient Grains Quinoa
• Annie’s Gluten Free mac and cheese (dry, blue box) CC 2006
• Lundberg Farms Rice (not wild rice)
• Tinkyada Rice Pasta

Household cleaning products
• ALL free & Clear
• Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue
• Brawny paper towels (dispose of first and last sheet) ???
• Deodorant Crystal
• Dr. Bronner Liquid Castile Soap
• Kirkland Free and Clear Laundry Detergent (liquid confirmed on West Coast 4/06)
• Kirkland Dishwasher Detergent (powdered, confirmed on West Coast 4/06)
• Kiss My Face Olive oil Bar Soap
• Medimix ayurvedic soaps
• Method Brand General cleaning Good for Wood, dish soaps, hand soaps 1-866-9METHOD)
• Red Juice thecleanteam.com
• Scotts Brand Tissues
• Seventh generation/ecover Liquid Laundry detergent, floor soap, auto Dish Powder, FabricSoftener, Powder non chlorine bleach, Liquid non-chlorine bleach 800-449-4925
• Sparkle Paper Towels (gluten contained in adhesive used in first and last sheet)
• Thursday Tea Tree Soap
• Tide Free
• Trader Joe’s Dish Soap (Lavendar with GSE)
• Tree of Life Fresh and Natural Bathroom Cleaner with Tea Tree and Lavendar

Meats (including frozen, processed and fresh)
• 365 Uncured Bacon (whole foods)
• Applegate Farms Cold Cuts *from Deli*
• Applegate Farms Turkey Hot Dogs
• Boars Head Deluxe Low Sodium rare roast beef, oven roasted low sodium turkey/prosciutto
• Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore in Water
• Foster Farms Chicken products (unseasoned, unbreaded, includes frozen. Check ingredients.)
• Hans Hot Dogs
• Hebrew National Hotdogs
• Sheltons Cooked Uncured Chicken Franks
• Starkist low sodium tuna
• Wellshire Farms uncured bacon
• Whole Foods Canned Tuna in water
• Whole Foods Smoked Salmon
• Wild Catch Salmon, check ingredients

OTC medication:
Please note that some meds have traces of corn. These are noted but remain on the list due to the fact that when you desperately need them, you may need to look for the lesser evil. Truly corn free meds are hard to find. OTC meds can be compounded with a prescription from your dr. See XXXXX
• Advil infant drops and Childrens liquid suspension in grape and fruit flavors. Sorbitol is from a non corn source as of 6/06
• Benedryl, children’s dye free bubblegum flavor (CC non corn sorbitol but mild reactions reported)
• Claritin D12 hour and D24 hour CC 6/06 (note: some online sources show cornstarch in the ingredients, as of 1/07 it was available corn free. As always, read ingredients) Found behind the pharmacy counter in many states. Contains lactose.
• Cortizone 10 ointment
• Elixsure acetaminophen and ibuprofen (company rep discrepancy as to corn status)
• Feverall suppositories (contain some corn, but not well absorbed. May be okay if not contact reactive.)
• Nalex A; Nalex D
• Nasalchrome nose spray
• Nature’s way white willow bark (can be used as a pain killer. Natural aspirin. Not for children or those sensitive to salicylates)
• Waldryl dye free (walgreens brand. Contains methylcellulose from corn)
• Zantac regular and extra strength

Personal Care products:
• Always Sanitary napkins (note; 1/07 potential reactions reported awaiting confirmation)
• Aura Cacia Protecting Aromatherapy Lip Balm
• AmLactin 12% by Usher Smith (may contain milk)
• Badger Balm
• Deodorant Crystal
• Gabriel Cosmetics (Zuzu Luxe) Check label. Corn clearly labeled. CC
• Gluten Free Savonerrie (shampoo, moisturizer, etc)
• Kiss My Face Olive oil Bar Soap
• Lansinoh 100% lanolin (breastfeeding aisle, good moisturizer)
• Nature’s Gate Herbal everyday shampoo
• Sliquid Silver personal lubricant (for medical procedures)
• Toms of Maine Silly Strawberry, Orange Mango toothpaste (xylitol now sometimes derived from corn)
Prescription meds:

Soups (See canned goods)

Vitamins and Supplements


Colorations Wheat and Gluten Free Play Dough


Michelle said...

Where do you find Bazooka bubble gum (kosher for passover)?

I see that Erewhon Rice Twice cereal is not on the list. Was there reactions reported?

We have found safe dried crispy fruit in small bags that are wonderful at www.crispygreen.com


grapenut said...

Has anyone reported a reaction to Suzanne's Ricemellow? I have had a couple of reactions, and have decided not to use it. I have corn and gluten allergies.

I recently inquired if Gallexier Herbal Bitters were corn and gluten free. The company, Flora Health, confirmed that the fructose was fruit rather than corn derived. They sent an entire printout of information. If anyone is interested in finding out more, the website is: http://www.florahealth.com
They were wonderful and very caring.

grapenut said...

Adams Respiratory Therapeutics just replied to my request about whether Mucinex 600 mg Extended-Release Tablets is gluten and corn free. They sent me a long e-mail reply that it was indeed free of gluten and corn. If anyone would like a copy of this detailed e-mail, please feel free to contact me at grapenut21@yahoo.com

Just thought I'd share this info. with other corn and gluten free people if it isn't already known.