Thursday, January 11, 2007

Kirkman Labs

Kirkman Labs is on the corn-free list and has been successfully used by several. However there have been reported reactions by severely sensitive persons. So use caution.

A statement from Kirkman Labs as posted on Delphi gives a few more details about their corn-free stance.

"Our vitamin D 3 is synthetically extracted from sheep lanolin by the use of solvents such as alcohol or acetone."

These solvents can be corn and most likely are corn-derived. The company goes on to say that all Vitamin D is made this way and theirs is the same as everyone elses. (So thus must be safe? Right?)

Kirkman Labs will stay on our list so far as the reactions have been very few, in light of the number of successes. If you do have any issues with their products, do let us know.

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