Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wellshire Farms - Unsafe

I had posted a notice about Wellshire Farms on our sister blog News For Corn Avoiders back in September and it just came to my attention that such information is also needed on this blog as well.

Wellshire Farms is known among the Corn Avoider community to be problematic for those avoiding corn. Their very nice search engine on their site that allows you to search for their products according to your allergy concerns, must be applauded for its ingenuity and the appearance that the company is concerned for its customer's health. However, the search engine is not accurate for selecting corn-free foods.

As posted back in September, the company uses undeclared cornstarch in their packaging process, which also does not show up on the search engine. Also their lactic acid starter is corn-based which their search engine doesn't catch.

Please use extreme caution when trying Wellshire Farms products, or better yet, just avoid them.

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