Friday, January 05, 2007

StoneyField Farms - Yogurts

Before this blog, we used to have StoneyField Farms yogurts on the list. At the time, Stoneyfield Farms insisted that their yogurts were corn-free and it took persistance to get answers.

In November, we posted StoneyField Farms yogurts as unsafe with the following reasons: "vanilla does have corn alcohol, unsure on pectin. Company insists its corn-free"

In a recent post on Delphi about StoneyField Farms O'Soy yogurt, it appears the StoneyField Farms is changing their tune and being more upfront about the use of corn in their products.

In the inquiry about O'Soy yogurt, the company clearly states the use of corn alcohols in their natural flavorings, and admits to "minute amounts of corn derivatives in our products".

For those of us who have had to deal with Stoneyfield Farms in the past, with false claims of corn-free status, this is definately a step in the right direction for Stoneyfield Farms, and shows that they really do listen to their customers.

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