Wednesday, January 10, 2007

King Arthur Flours

One of the reasons we love King Arthur products is their honesty. It is rare that we encounter a company that is honest to fault.

In a letter posted on Delphi, King Arthur confirms their products to be as free of corn as humanly possible in our current grain storage practices.

Unknown to many people, all grains are interchangeably stored in silos across the country before being shipped off to be processed and made into foods and products.

King Arthur admits to this process happening and thus cannot 100% guarantee that their flours do not contain any corn. As they state in their letter, "Please advise we can not guarantee our flours are free from all corn traces. During the milling process, there is almost always corn in the unclean wheat as it heads to cleaning house in the mill. Virtually all of the corn is removed but it is possible that a piece of corn the size and shape of wheat slips through and is ground into flour."

King Arthur flour (to my knowledge) is the safest wheat flour in market, and this admission by King Arthur is something that happens all across the world with every wheat flour product.

As always, if you have any problems with this product or have additional information on its corn-free status please contact us.

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