Monday, January 30, 2012

Rain Crow Grass-fed Beef - removed

As it turns out, Rain Crow's initial answers on Facebook weren't entirely correct.

The meat is washed in lactic acid and the acid wash is left on for 24 hours (long enough to soak right into the meat - a lactic acid marinade if you will) and then rinsed off with water.

This meat is being removed from the list.

For more info on their process see the full report at Delphi.

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Anonymous said...

Hi< i was reading your list of GF products and had a question...I have been doing a lot more reading on true GF,and recently have read several articles by Glutenologist Peter Osborne, I checked this list out
I noticed that you have added several brown rice products on your list, but studies are now showing that people who are severe Celiac are even having reactions to certain rice grains. Can you clarify this on your product list, are these rice items truly safe for Celiacs? Thanks!

Violets said...

Hi there,
The list is designed for those following a traditional gluten free diet. The items are free of all gluten grains (grains containing gluten) and any moderate to high risk of cross contamination with gluten containing grains.
Since it's not possible for any one list to encompass all variations of every diet; this one is strict with corn derivatives and the traditional definition of gluten grains (wheat, rye, and barley in all forms). The brown rice products are considered gluten free, but are not grain free for those following a grain free version of the GF diet. Those with more strict restrictions, like those with other food intolerances, will need to adapt the list to suit their unique personal needs.

AdoptionMom said...

A couple thing to add here. The meat packing plant that I get my meat from has told me that it's the law in the USA that all meat (except game meat that is field dressed) must be sprayed with the Lactic Acid (some made from corn and others not) and left hanging for 24 hours. If the meat is Kosher it does not go through this process.
As for the brown rice issue, my allergist has told me to be very careful to rotate foods and not eat a lot of brown rice, rice, potato starch, etc because it can cause an issue with becoming sensitive to it. She said that people who eat the same sort of foods all the time may become senitive to them over time.

Von said...

AdoptionMom - That is only true for larger facilities. Smaller butchers can still butcher it any way they like unless they don't pass inspections. Most butchers won't do corn-free processing unless it's a special order, but some do it through other means such as corn-free acids.