Monday, January 09, 2012

Allergy Research Group - vitamins & supplements

If you're looking for a Zinc supplement, this one by Allergy Research Group should fit the bill. According to a company response posted on Delphi, this supplement should be corn-free. (Data from July 2011)

"Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose microcrystalline cellulose is from birch tree bark, silicon dioxide is from sand, magnesium stearate from palm see oil.
The zinc is derived from rock."

Here's some information on their other products and ingredients:
"Our calcium and magnesium citrate are free of rice and corn. The facility that the product is bottled in maybe not be free of rice and corn. If you have any other questions please give me sent me an email."

"Cross contamination of minute amounts of materials is a possibility if the facility processing other ingredients with corn or rice to them. The Vitamin B complex, zinc and l-glutamine do not have any corn in them. The ascorbic acid... maybe corn derived."

"Theoretically there is no corn in the ascorbic acid as the source is material is corn but the finished material is a semi synthetic. But we can not say that extremely sensitive people are not going to react."

If you do see ascorbic acid in the ingredients, these products will be corny and should be avoided. There is a chance for cross-contamination with other items, but may or may not be enough to cause problems.

Informed choices are best!


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Thank you for posting this. I have been suffering from bone pain, muscle pain, and low energy for a long time. I have done many tests and nothing could determine what was wrong. I have many food allergies but this didn't seem like a food issue. Some days I would feel ok and other days I was in agony. For two years I have been trying to figure this out when I came across this post. What caught my eye was your reference to birch tree bark. I have a sensitivity to it. I didn't know what that long name ingredient was but I do take supplements every day. To keep this post short I will say that all my grief seems be with cellulose. I stopped taking supplements and in 24 hours all my pain and issues were gone. It doesn't seem to matter if the cellulose is from birch, pine, or plant. Thank you again for making this post. I never would have considered supplements to be the cause of all my pain.

Anonymous said...

Magnesium citrate is made from a combination of magnesium carbonate and citric acid, which is generally derived from corn. Did they check all the way back to the source of the magnesium citrate for corn contamination, or did they just check the additional ingredients on the bottle?

In general, I avoid any supplement that has a citrate in it.

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