Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project: Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips

One of our Facebook members had a discussion today with Joel Warady of Enjoy Life Foods about the corn in their Chocolate Chips.

As many of you know the "company line" on this product is that it is "corn-free". We made a post about this product being removed from our list due to numerous reactions to it. The company is denying any such reports.

If you have reacted to this product, PLEASE help us try to convince them..
1. it is NOT corn-free.
2. to make it corn-free.

Please send a polite email to Joel Warady, their Chief Marketing Officer, if you had a reaction to Enjoy Life. We would like to help him understand.

Please include:
1. When you had a reaction (approximate date if you don't remember exactly)
2. Why you think it's their chocolate chips.
3. If you've had any previous correspondence with Enjoy Life on this issue. Please include any details you still have.

* IMPORTANT: Please also make sure to include reference to this post, and @rose_w on Twitter *

Thank you everyone!

Also to help us keep track of how many have made submissions, please comment here if you've sent a letter to him, or leave a comment on this thread in our FB group.

**If you'd like to stay up-to-date on what's new in Corn-Free living, or in touch with any additions or removals from the list, please sign up for our Corn-Free Post.**


Deanna (deanna1ynne on delphi) said...

I wrote him!

Stripes said...

he also argued on this site
I responded to him there as well :)

Von said...

Deanna - Awesome! :)

Stripes - Yes, he's getting bolder in his "It is TOO corn-free" attempts.

kc said...

I wrote to him as well. I told him about all three of us reacting. I may be jaded, but I suspect he will next start a campaign to brand corn reactions as an isolated issue for just a few "weirdos" or "extreme" cases.

Von said...

KC - lol... I wouldn't be surprised on that.

White Rock Salt said...

Stripes - Yes, he's getting bolder in his "It is TOO corn-free" attempts.

CR said...

so what about the choclate bars? he says they are taking off contains traces of corn but why was it there the first place? What ingredient is in it thats differnt that contains traces of corn? Are they adding contains corn to the label? we should be worried.

Violets said...

I think it was the vanilla that had traces of corn. We need to keep in mind that there are a set of corn allergic individuals who really do appear to do okay on derivatives like xanthan gum and citric acid. We're the unfortunate subset that don't.

Until the chocolate chip issue (which came about around the time they intro'd new products and changed the packaging) they were up front with the "except for the highly processed ingredient..." and describing manufacturing processes. I think the "contains traces" was to ensure that the subset of extra sensitive knew that they were aware vanilla was an issue. At the time that appeared, they were clear on what was safe (and we did well on those items for quite awhile) All premanufactured food is risky. So is produce.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I had a reaction as well. I know it was the chips bc I was eating them right out of the bag!

Anonymous said...

Could someone describe their reaction to the chocolate chips? I am newly diagnosed with corn and gluten allergies and thought these choc chips were safe. Every time I eat them my throat, lips, tongue and stomach burns. Sound familiar?

Von said...

Unfortunately everyone reacts to their allergens differently with different severity. So I'm not sure what descriptions of their reactions would do to help you.

What you're describing does sound like a reaction.

Kay said...

Im in the process of finding an allergist. Ive sf pent the last three years mostly chair bound due to 'persistant chronic severe asthma' maxed on maintanence steroids and on prednisone as often as not. We finally realised that I was reacting to even trace amounts of milk/dairy in products. Cut that out and I could get up and move againbut still chronically short of breath unless I just didnt eat. Finally realised I could eat most whole uncanned/frizen foods. With the notable exception of corn. Oddly as a child I hated corn, even popcorn (guess I was instinctually avoiding what made me sick). I can say for a fact if it is corn I'm allergic to NOTHING of enjoy life is corn free. I have trouble breathing after eating all their products.

Von said...

Kay, That is the consensus among the corn allergic as well. That none of their products are corn-free enough for a corn allergy.

Celeste said...

We had been eating the chips without a problem. Then the chunks came out and we all noticed we didn't feel so well after eating them. Now we're not feeling so well after eating the chips or the chocolate crunch granola. But I have to say trying to find a corn free chip that is also gf, df, and sf is proving pretty challenging.