Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Alcon's prescription antihistamine eyedrops: Patanol (and probably Pataday as well) have not been confirmed corn-free, nor confirmed corn.

A discussion on Delphi - Avoiding Corn, concerning Patanol increases our suspicions that it contains corn.

It is unsure which ingredient(s) in the Patanol would be corn-derived, but the benzalkonium chloride may be the culprit.

Use extreme caution before using this product with a severely sensitive corn-allergic.

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Hidy said...

I've used Patanol-it didn't seem to hurt me-it actually helped,but I tried a dry eye drop my friend gave me unaware at the time[dummy me blew of reading ingredients-thinking they would make eyedrops safe,never found one that wasn't until that day,when my eyes swelled worse than they were.Then I found there was sorbitol in the eyedrops.This was also before I found out that carrots were constantly swelling my eyes up-who'd hve known?Carrots,alas one of my fav foods,are one of my body's worst enemies.Years of misery,ever since my 1st hives incident about5-6yrs ago,constantly late to work because of the seeping,itching,tearing,flaking then cycle of not knowing what caused.Even after my RAST test revealed the corn,soy egg thing and my avoiding them mostly for a year,but they weren't the culpri,it was those cute tasty baby carrots I kept munching on.I know they seem to get stuck at the back of my throat,so I just stated to realize i might be allergic to them,until I made a carrot cake March before last.Ate a piece for brunch[my 1st meal that day].Of course I had some the day before,but then I also had an ibuprofin for a headache[corn]can't stand headaches,and I was starting to get a slight rash the day before.But as soon as I had that cake the next day my right eye[always the right one swells first]and that side of my face started swelling within the hour.No more carrots since,nor the eye problems that bad anyhow.My eyelashes started growing back,I can quickly apply make-up again,until of course this past month when I somehow got mold in my eye cleaning-my other worst fear.This is where Patanol used to work,but I have not the $100 to pay for that,so I discovered something,cheaper,so much milder and effective-Tried and True Boric acid solution.My vet told me years ago when I had a rabbit that this wa the best for a rabbits delicate eyes.1 part boric acid to 10 parts water.Of course I probably used a stonger solution of 1 to 4-6 parts water instead.Doesn't even burn like my allergy eye drops do that I get at walmart.Maybe I should take a 2nd look there,but they don't seem to irritate me,and tend to work.I also carry around a small spray bottle with diluted epsom salt water,great for showering,too if you want to wash out contaminates on skin or eyes.Also don't forget about witch hazel-it also soothes the eyes,but I mostly use it externally,although it doesn't hurt eyeballs.What I did find out is that the worst thing you can accidently get in your eyes is peroxide-do not get it in your eyes,they will puss up real bad real quick.Strange that rubbing [isopropyl-never got the other kind in my eye]alcohol may burn some,but won't destroy the eye tissue like peroxideNo I don't spray alcohol in my eyes,just sometimes I spray my face with the wintergreen kind to cool,or clean when I travel,in one of those mini-spray bottles.I'll even mix witch hazel and the green alcohol together[witch hazel draws things out too]