Wednesday, October 31, 2007

365 sodas - revisited

A long time ago, we made a summary post of all the not-so-corn-free items we'd researched prior to starting this website/blog. Our sister site, News for Corn Avoiders, has more info on this research saga.

Whole Foods - 365 sodas - Corn allergy caution - which includes Whole Foods original stance on the corn-free status of the 365 sodas.
Whole Foods: Consumer Confidence Lost - which Whole Foods confirms the citric acid in 365 sodas is from corn.

Despite this research, we are still getting inquiries into the 365 Rootbeer, which does not contain the dreaded citric acid. Unfortunately, it does still contain corn in it somewhere.

Unfortunately for me, I missed this corn confirmation notice, and stupidly decided to trial the rootbeer myself. I can confirm, btw, that there is indeed corn in the 365 rootbeer soda.

The amount of corn in the 365 Rootbeer would be for many people minimal. So if you can tolerate small amounts of corn derivatives you may do fine with this soda; however, if you're extremely sensitive, I would find something else to drink.

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