Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Problematic Eggs

Eggs have been touch and go problems with many corn-allergics, and the exact reason for it has not really been discovered.

Eggland's Best was reported as problematic, as well as Horizon Organic eggs.

The same persons that reported problems with those brands, can successfully eat other brands of eggs such as Born-Free Omega 3 eggs, and Publix Greenwise Organic Eggs.

So if you're having trouble with eggs, it may not be a true egg allergy and you may want to trial a few different brands of eggs. Depending on the severity of your symptoms of course.

Most corn-allergics that spoke on this topic preferred eggs from cage-free free-range hens.

Delphi - Avoiding Corn Testimony:
Eggland's Best vs Born-Free
Horizon Organic vs Publix Greenwise

Another post of reaction to Horizon Organic Eggs states that if you are reacting to Horizon Organic Eggs, the company would like to know.

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