Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Zum Bar - Goats Milk Soaps

Zum Bar soaps have been something I avoided since.. well since I first started my corn-free journey, as rumors of reactions from corn allergic persons kept it in my mind as something to avoid.

In April 2007, there was a long discussion on Delphi-Avoiding corn where the ingredients of Zum Bar soaps were called into question.

Of the "finds":
Zum Bar confirmed that they do not use citric acid in their soaps.
Their essential oils are cold-pressed and not solvent extracted.
The company confirms that they do not use corn or corn derivatives.
Their glycerin is derived from palm.
Their vitamin E contains wheat germ.

This product is most likely corn-free.. at least should be tolerated well by most corn allergics. However there are some who question the goats milk base and dyes.

This product should not be considered gluten-free.

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