Monday, February 26, 2007

Authority - Harvest Baked Dog Food

I couldn't find a website for Authority Pet Food Company, but their products are sold at Petsmart among other locations.

Authority's "Harvest Baked Dog Food" is labeled as corn-free, and contains no obvious sources of corn. Meaning the ingredients list no corn starch, corn oil, or other huge red light of corn. There is however a large list of added enrichments in the product which may or may not have a corn-based carrier, as well as some "natural flavor" and "extract" which might be questionable.

I am not aware of any human trials of this product or of any corn allergic animals trying this product, so I cannot verify for certain that it is completely corn-free or that your child wouldn't react to "accidentally" eating it. However, this may be an option for those of us looking to limit the amount of corn exposure in our households, while still keeping that favorite member of the family.

Authority's "Harvest Baked Dog Food" is rather pricey, about 2-3 times the amount of normal cheap dry dog food, but for me it makes feeding the dog a much less scary event.

If anyone does "trial" this dog food and knows for certain that it would be safe for accidental ingestion, please let us know.

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