Wednesday, February 28, 2007

RoseArt Crayons

A post on Delphi-Avoiding Corn about RoseArt Crayons (in conjunction with this inquiry), states that RoseArt Crayons are corn-free per the company.

Another inquiry posted on Delphi-Avoiding Corn confirms that RoseArt’s Jumbo Washable Crayons are corn-free.

The crayons are made using just wax and food coloring. It was also confirmed that their products do not contain corn, soy, or coconut/palm.

The person inquiring was not very impressed with the knowledge of the RoseArt representative, and felt that the information provided was not well researched.

That said, RoseArt crayons will be showing up on the list. If you do have any information about the corn-free status of RoseArt or reactions to their products, do let us know.

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