Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kiss My Face - Olive Oil Bar

It seems that Kiss My Face has been adding citric acid to some of their olive oil bars. These bars are not safe.

Reactions have been reported to the Kiss My Face olive oil bars, but it is uncertain if these bars had citric acid or not.

To avoid confusion and problems in the future, the Kiss My Face olive oil bars will be removed from the list until the bars are deemed safe again.

Links to Kiss My Face testimony:
Delphi-Avoiding Corn: Citric acid in Kiss My Face
Delphi-Avoiding Corn: Uses of Kiss My Face (testimony that some bars do have citric acid and some do not)

**** UPDATE 4/07 Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil soap no longer using citric acid. Delphi - Avoiding Corn post Watch labels for any remaining citric acid containing bars.

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