Monday, February 26, 2007

Foster Farms - Natural Flavoring

Foster Farms plain chicken and turkey meats have been on our list for safe meat products for quite a while.

However, questions arose as to the safety of their ground meats which include "natural flavoring" which is listed as "spice extractives of rosemary" on their website.

Thanks to an inquisitive member of Delphi-Avoiding Corn, we've learned that the rosemary is extracted using a carbon dioxide technology and then dissolved in vegetable oil. According to Foster Farms, the vegetable oil could possibly contain corn.

So please use caution with any Foster Farms product with natural flavorings, as the possibility of it containing corn is pretty high. Their kosher plain meats should still be safe.


joyjourney2health said...

Thank you for this post. While I realize it is from 2007, I just now found it, after doing a search to locate potential food allergens/intolerants in the "natural flavorings" in the Foster Farms ground chicken. I usually by farmer-direct from local farmers, so the questions are direct with them, in those cases. However, my partner came home with some ground turkey from Foster Farms, and in my frustration, I found "natural flavorings" listed again.

I learned some time ago that the USDA allows a number of possibilities when it comes to what "natural flavorings" can include, and this can include dairy, eggs, and other food allergens/intolerants, for instance. That is when I learned that Foster Farms lists their flavorings as "extractives of rosemary".

Your additional input is most helpful for those trying to avoid corn, as well. This is very much appreciated! :)

Joy Sisto
Joy Journey to Health

Anonymous said...

My daughter just had a reaction to this food, the ground foster farms turkey. Can't trust anything these days!