Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Elite Bazooka Gum - Kosher for Passover

The only gum that we know of that is truly corn-free is Elite's Kosher for Passover (KFP) gum made in Israel. The most readily found version of their KFP gum is Bazooka.

Their Bazooka gum tastes just like you remember it from your childhood, though the cartoons are not in English.

The KFP Bazooka gum is kitniot-free (see PDF file of the Passover Book). "Kitniot includes any of the following: soybeans, kidney beans, lima beans, sesame, rice, green beans, peas, chick peas, millet, corn, mustard, lentils, and lecithin." Which means to be kitniot-free, the product would also be free of all of those foods.

KFP Bazooka gum can be hard to find, especially if you do not live in an area with a large Jewish community. KFP products are usually found in stores (stores that carry kosher products) in Feb - April of each year.

You can also find KFP Bazooka gum online. I purchased some through last year, though last I checked they were currently out of stock. Hopefully with Passover coming around again, they will be fully stocked with it soon.

A couple other sites that I saw it being sold: (though I cannot endorse these sites personally since I've never used them)
Ari's Judaica Treasures

Elite also makes a couple other kitniot-free KFP gums, but these I have not seen except locally at a Kosher Store. Elite's Bubble Gum Balls and Elite's Mini-Gum (like chicklets).

Here is full list of Elite's products, though I do not know if all of those are kitniot-free.


puma said...

Elite bazooka bubble gum is NOT corn free. It has GLUCOSE SYRUP.
Glucose is a corn dirivatives. I would not recomend this gum to people alergic to CORN.

Anonymous said...

The Elite KFP Bubble Gum is corn-free. Corn is not allowed during passover for the regulatory agency that does Elite. The Glucose syrup is not from corn. It is most likely sourced from beets or cane.