Friday, February 23, 2007

KerryGold Dairy Products

Correspondence from KerryGold posted on Delphi Forums, gives much reassurance that their products are completely corn-free.

KerryGold dairy products are imported from Ireland and use grass-fed cows. They are entirely hormone and preservative-free.

The company's correspondence goes into much detail about how careful they are in making sure only the best and purest milks are used in their products.

Their cheese products have been successfully trialed by several on the Delphi Forum-Avoiding Corn.

KerryGold Product Description: "It's 7 oz. It's in waxed paper. On the front sticker it says "100% Natural/Kerrygold/Aged Cheddar Cheese/Rich Creamy Cheddar/7oz (198g)/Imported from Ireland" and there's a picture of cows eating grass inside a stone-walled pasture. On the back sticker is the nutrition facts and it says "Packed for: Irish Dairy Board Inc./Wilmette IL 60091/Product of Ireland/"

While this description is just for the one type of KerryGold cheese, all their cheeses should be in similar packaging, or it has probably been repackaged in the USA and may have cross-contamination.

Another review of KerryGold cheese can be found here: KerryGold Dublinear & Mild Cheddar

KerryGold also makes a butter, which is probably also corn-free but hasn't been definitively tested yet to my knowledge.

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