Sunday, December 31, 2006

Kettle Brand Chips - Removed

The Lightly Salted versions of Kettle Brand chips were at one time confirmed with the company to be corn-free. However, due to several reports of reactions, these chips are being removed from the list. See Delphi Forums: Safe Chips Thread for more information. These reports are not the first reported reactions (See List posted on 12/02/06) so please use extreme caution if you're still consuming these or want to try them.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Dagoba Chocolates

Dagoba was recently purchased by Hershey's (see article on Hershey's is supposedly keeping hands off of Dagoba's formula, but only time will tell.

A recent post of Dagoba's corn-free status claims the products to still be corn-free.

Please let us know if you have any updates about this product.

Healthy Gums by NaturalDentist

A posting on Delphi of the ingredients (& sources) of Healthy Gums toothpaste has added it to our corn-free list.

If anyone has any problems with this product, please let us know.

Brawny Paper Towels

A post on Delphi gives company confirmation that the Brawny paper towels are corn-free. However, the glue, used to tack the paper to the cardboard roll and to tack the first sheet down, is made from corn.

I've decided not to include these on the list for this reason, but this info will be here for anyone interested in using them.

Land O'Lakes Allergy Statement

When a poster on Delphi contacted Land O'Lakes inquiring about possible corn in their product, they received a very unhelpful reply.

This product it seems we're on our own as to finding corn.

Bionature Pasta

This will be added to the next posting of the list, due to recommendations.

See Bionature Pasta Thread on Delphi.

If anyone has had problems with this product, please let us know.

Swheat Scoop Cat Litter

A company response posted on Delphi forums confirms that Swheat Scoop Cat Litter is corn-free.

It contains wheat and soybean oil.

The company does admit that the wheat they use may be cross-contaminated with corn. This is normal and common, as nearly all wheat sources have the same chances of cross-contamination. This is a problem going back to current grain storage practices in the USA as well as other parts of the world.

Special Kitty Cat Litter - Walmart

According to an inquiry posted on Delphi into Special Kitty cat litter, the company confirms that it is corn-free. It is labeled as being bentonite clay.

This brand it seems is specially made for and only available at WalMart.

Wholly Wholesome Pies

A short discussion on Wholly Wholesome Pies, still has the pies in question.

If anyone has further information on the safety of these pies, please post on this Delphi Thread or let us know. Thanks.

Panderos Delights Cookies

Panderos Delights cookies have recently added ascorbic acid to their labels. Violets inquired with the company and Panderos claims it to be derived from tapioca. Click here to read thread on Delphi.

So far no one has reported human testing the product.

President's Choice - Canadian

Since only one person so far has commented on the safety of these products and I believe they're solely available in Canada? I won't be adding them to the list yet.

However, one poster on Delphi uses the following products from President's Choice.

PC Organic Whole Wheat Flour (unenriched)
PC Rice Puffs
PC Canned Tomatoes (tomatoes and juice)
PC Organic Butter
PC Old Cheddar
PC Sweet Apple Cider
PC Natural Apple Juice
and Blue Menu Whole Wheat Pasta (blue box)

If anyone knows for certain the corn-free status of these products or has had success or problems with these products, please let us know.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

President's Choice - Canadian

President's Choice - Young Turkey with butter basting.

See post on Delphi Forums - Corn-free Canadians

The company claims it is totally corn-free and was tested seemingly successfully by one tester.

** A discussion on President's Choice poultry on Delphi Forums talks good and bad about these products. Also there may be problems with different suppliers using different processing methods. So it may depend on where you live, whether these products are safe.

Beet Sugar - Michigan Sugar Company

Michigan Sugar Company makes pure beet sugar. This sugar is a great alternative for those who also react to cane (a close sister to corn).

According to a post on Delphi, Michigan Sugar Company's sugar is also labeled as Big Chief and Pioneer Sugar.

The U.S. Beet Sugar Association may also be helpful in finding a local beet sugar supply.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Corn and Gluten Free List 12/2006

This list is old. Please Go to Corn-Free Foods & Products List mainsite for an updated list. Thanks

Product information changes very quickly. Please remember to read labels EVERY SINGLE TIME you buy a product. It gets tiresome, but we can not guarantee that this list is up to date nor that it is 100% accurate. It is to be used as a starting point for you to build your own list of safe foods. Note that I've not included cleaning products, meds or supplemenmts because I've not verified them at this time. Feel free to use the corn free list and do your own investigating

**Stars = need to confirm GF status.
GFCF stands for Gluten free Casein Free

Baby formula:
The only corn free baby formula on the market is Alimentum Ready To Feed

Baking needs:
Ah-Laska Unsweetened cocoa Powder
Arrowhead Mills Rice Flours (GFCF)
Baking Soda
Baking Powder: Substitute 1/4 tsp baking soda + 1/2 tsp Cream of Tartar per 1 tsp ---Baking Powder
Boyajian’s Pure Citrus Oils
C&H White Granulated sugar
C&H Brown Sugar
Dominoes Brown Sugar
Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Chips
Featherweight Baking Powder
Florida Crystals Organic Cane Sugar 14oz and #3 containers (CC)
Frontier Alcohol free flavorings 800-669-3275
Grandma's Molasses
Hershey's unsweetened cocoa powder
Knox unflavored Gelatin
Libby's canned Pumpkin (not pie mix, just pumpkin)
Lorann Oils--flavoring
Maple Syrup (Only PURE maple syrup)
Miss Roben's mixes (various, read labels) GFCF
Mother's Margarine
Potato Starch (Passover section)
ShariAnn's Pumpkin puree (canned)
Spectrum Shortening
Suzanne's ricemellow crème
Tapioca Starch
Trader Joe's Canned Pumpkin

Breads/cakes and mixes:
Chebe Bread Mixes
Gluten Free Pantry - Danielle Chocolate Cake Mix
Miss Robens, various mixes (check label)
Namaste, certain mixes (Note: They say their xantham gum is corn free, some report possible reactions) CC GF

Candy/Dried Fruit/Sweet snacks

Dagoba Chocolates (CC)
Ginger people candied ginger
Just Fruit, most varieties, check label
Krogers unsweetened coconut 1-800-632-6900 *
Lara Bars (check label)
Lindt Excellence 70% or 85% dark chocolate
Made in nature unsulphered dried fruit
Rapunzel Chocolates (some varieties cf)
Reeds candied ginger *
Scharfenberger chocolate bars *
St Claire's candy/mints
?Sun Rype Fruit to go
?sunsweet Dried Plums 1-800-417-2253
Trader Joe's fruit leathers (without natural flavors, read label)
Trader Joe's unsulphered dried fruit (cranberries, mango, pineapple, etc) CC

Condiments and spices
Apple cider vinegar, Braggs
Contadina Tomato Paste
Daddy Sams Barbeque Sawce (check label)
Jill's Jams and Jellies (Read labels. Only safe ingredients: fruit, cane sugar, apple based pectin) CC
Kame rice wine vinegar
Lapas organic olives *
McCormick Spices (check label, blends or mixed spices NOT corn free. CC)
Natural nut butters, check label (dry roasted nuts only ingredient)
Once Again crunchy peanut butter
Orphee Mustards
Santa Barbara Olive Company (Jumbo Black olives)
Sea Salt (iodized has corn)
St Dalfour Jams and Jellies
Sunbutter (sunflower seed butter)
Trader Joe's almond butter
Trader Joe's sunflower seed butter
vegennaise grapeseed oil mayonnaise

Cookies/Crackers/Snack foods
Cheecha Krackles
Edward & Sons Brown Rice Snaps (GFCF)
Mother’s Plain Rice Cakes
Panderos Delights Cookies
Quinoa krunchies
Sesmark Brown rice Crackers

Dairy (and non) Products:

365 Original Soy Milk?
Daisy sour cream *
Dannon Natural Plain Yoghurt (full fat)
FAGE yoghurt
Kirkland Cheddar Cheese (contains annatto, possibly in corn alcohol); Monterey Jack
Kirkland Signature Organic milk (CC, no corn as vitamin D carrier) 3/06
Imagine Original Soy Dream (Not enriched) CC GFCF
Organic Valley Ultra Pasturized Whole Milk 1-888-444-MILK
Organic Valley chocolate milk (not from plant 55 1224)
Organic Valley milk except stamped from plant "55 1224"
Organic Valley Saltd Butter
Organic Valley Half&Half
Promised Land Dairy CC all WHITE milk products
Purity Farms Ghee
Trader Joe's unsalted Butter
Tillamook Cheese in 8 oz, 10 oz and 1 lb sizes. (NOT 5 lb, 2 lb, or 2.5 lb these are dusted on the outside of the package with corn starch, which is then rinsed off. May contain residue.)CC

Frozen Foods
Albertsons Fruit/veggies w/out sauce 1-877-932-7948 (check labels)
Alexia french fries, some varieties, check label
Birdseye fruits/veggies w/out sauce 1-800-563-1786(check labels, citric acid is corn derived but labeled)
C&W fruits/veggies w/out sauce (check labels) 1-800-CUT CORN
Cascadian Farms Frozen fruit/veggies (check labels!) w/out sauce (CC)1-800-624-4123
Ian's alphatots french fries
Trader Joe's big chunk Vegetables, blueberries, etc. Check labels!
Van's wheat free waffles (original only)
Westpac frozen veggies
Wymans Frozen blueberries and raspberries 800-341-1758

Grain/cereal products:
Ancient grains Quinoa
Nu-World Amaranth Snaps (cc) GFCF
Barbara's Brown Rice Crisps (cc . 2005) GFCF
Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice (781) 444-0440 (US Mills foods)
Healthy Times Rice Cereal (For babies)
Lundberg Farms Cream of Rice 530-882-4551
Lundbergh rices (read labels)
Nature's Path Crispy Rice
Poconos Cream of Buckwheat
Quinoa Flakes
Rice and Shine
Tinkyada rice pastas (dedicated rice only plant)

365 Organic Apple Juice
Bernard Janson's Black cherry concentrate (can flavor compounded meds)
Canada Dry Sparkling Water
Ceres Fruit Juices
Faygo Sparkling Water
Florida's Natural OJ with Calcium (only)
Knudsen Just Juices (check labels) CC 4/06
Lakewood Organic Apple Juice
Looza Juices from Belgium
Martinelli's Apple Juice (10 oz bottles)
POM Pomegrantate juice
Potato Vodka (Use to make vanilla for baking)
Reed's Premium Ginger Brew*
Steez Green Tea Soda

Soups/canned goods
Cento Tomato Puree, paste, crushed tomatoes 856-853-5445
Del Monte Lite Pear Halves, sliced peaches
Del Monte no-salt green beans
Divina Kalamata olives
Eden organic beans/rice
Eden organic tomatoes
Imagine Soups (check labels)
Imagine Organic Vegetable Broth (CC)
Imagine organic no-chicken broth (cc)
Imagine organic free range chicken broth (cc)
Kroger no Salt added vegetables
Melissa's steamed ready to eat baby beets (refrigerated at TJ) 800-588-0151
Mott's Organic Apple Sauce 1-800-426-4891
Natural Value canned beans
Pomi Tomatoes
Publix Greenwise canned vegetables
Tassos Olives

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rapunzel Yeast - Removed

Rapunzel yeast has had multiple reactions and seems just as "safe" as Red Star which is grown on corn.

For safety reasons, Rapunzel is being removed from the list. There is no known safe yeast sold in the USA at this time. But we're still looking.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cabot Products - Unsafe

A letter from Cabot posted on Delphi forums details the gluten-free aspect of their products as well as the high incidence of corn contamination.

All their starches are corn-derived. All their conveyor dressings are cornstarch.

Their regular cheddar cheeses are free of corn derived ingredients, however there is a great chance of cross-contamination.

It is recommended (not only by us, but by Cabot) to avoid their products if you have a corn allergy (corn intolerance included).

Friday, December 08, 2006

Kashi Organic Strawberry Fields Cereal

This has been removed from the list due to multiple reactions.

There have been several reactions to this cereal, and the source of the corn is not known.

It will not be returned to the list, until human testing proves it to be safe.

To read about the reactions please go to: Delphi Forums - Just Fruits. The reactions are among several posts in this thread which was initially started due to questions about the corn-free status of the "Just Fruits" dried fruits. The "Just Fruits" are still being questioned with no definitive answer.

Monday, December 04, 2006

ShiKai Everyday Shampoo

This is one of the things researched prior to this blog, and I thought I'd include the information we have about it so far.

According to an inquiry made to ShiKai posted on Delphi, ShiKai's Everyday Shampoo & Conditioner are corn-free, soy-free, and wheat-free. They are also free of sodium lauryl sulfate, parabans and animal products.

The glycerin is from palm.

ShiKai's Everday Natural Shampoo & Conditioner has been tested and no reactions reported yet.

If you do have any problems with this product or have any other information reguarding its corn-free status, please contact the Admin.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

New Morning Grahams

As of at least September 2006, New Morning claims their graham crackers to be corn-free.

However, there have been many reported reactions to these crackers from several different people.

I tested them myself, and reacted. There is a small amount of corn in them somewhere. My reaction was of the type specific to corn derivatives such as citric acid, corn syrup, etc.

If you are highly sensitive to corn derivatives, I would not advise trying these. These will not be showing up on the list, until human testing can confirm them to be corn-free.

New Morning Grahams are a product of U.S. Mills.

Nature Bake Breads

A post on Delphi Avoiding Corn Forum talks about Nature Bake Breads.

"If you can tolerate commerical yeast, Nature Bake bread is wonderful. They are very careful about corn and soy ingredients because of the GMO issue as well as an awareness of allergies, and the owner is a very nice man. I called the company and was talking to him within minutes. He takes great pride in his bread and seems to know every detail that goes on in the production.

They do make a few breads that contain corn or soy (I forget which--we have to avoid both), but are careful about cross-contamination issues and make sure to label everything that goes into the bread. There are no chemicals or preservatives. GMO issues are very important to them, also, and they carry an organic line and a line made with spelt. We like the whole spelt bread

They use Fleischmann's and SAF (owned by Red Star) yeast in the bread." - Purple Kangaroo

Nature Bake Company Website

While this bread may be acceptable for some with corn allergies, we will not be adding it to the list due to the corn in the yeast problem.

Corn-Free Products List as of 12-02-2006

This post contained an outdated list. Please Go to Corn-Free Foods & Products List mainsite and look on the sidebar for an updated list. Thanks

Friday, December 01, 2006

Heinz - using more corn in their vinegar.

Heinz in an attempt I suppose to be more gluten-free and "natural" has recently changed their "flavored" cider vinegar to a corn base, this was confirmed in a recent newsletter.

According to Heinz Website FAQs (which hasn't been updated with the new gluten-free status on the flavored vinegar): "Heinz® Distilled White Vinegar is sourced from corn, not from wheat, rye, barley, or oats. Wine Vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar are sourced from grapes and apples, respectively, not grains."

Heinz has been off the list (at least my version) for quite awhile since last I contacted them they could not confirm any of their vinegars to be corn-free.

They did however confirm the vinegar in their Organic Heinz Ketchup to be corn-free at that time.

** Update: 2007 - Heinz confirms vinegar in Organic ketchups to be source from corn and/or rye.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Annie's Naturals Organic Ketchup

Confirmation from Annie's Naturals posted on Delphi Avoiding Corn Forum, states that their Organic Ketchup is corn-free.

The vinegar is supposed to be from apples.

It is processed on the same equipment as corn containing products, but the equipment is thoroughly cleaned in between products.

Annie's Naturals Website

Mott's Applesauce

Please read labels on these. I was just informed that some snackpacks contain HFCS? Unfortunately someone learned this the hardway, then read the label.

Swedish Toasts - Krisprolls from Pagen

A post on Delphi Avoiding Corn Forum, confirms these products to be corn-free.

Pagen's Swedish Toasts - Krisprolls contain vegetable fat from rape-oil (canola) and the yeast used is grown on molasses (wheat, rye, oat and substratum).

**Update 12/12/06 - I have been informed that Chicago Importing Co. imports these products. Happy Hunting.

Stretch Island Fruit Company

According to a post on Delphi Avoiding Corn Forum, Stretch Island products are corn-free.

Their natural flavors come from fruit. Such as their apple flavoring comes from apples.

Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder

Correspondence from Nutiva, as posted on Delphi Avoiding Corn Forum, states that the only product they make that has corn in it is their new HempShakes which contain corn derived flavorings.

The HempShakes are used on the same lines as their other products, but the lines are cleaned in between products.

The Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder is corn-free, but could possibly contain contamination. Though the risk would probably be pretty slim.

Aveeno Baby Products

Correspondence with Aveeno posted on Delphi Avoiding Corn Forum confirms corn in two of their baby products.

Aveeno Smoothing Body Scrub and Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash both contain corn-derived ingredients.

Aveeno (Johnson & Johnson company) states that their Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash and their Aveeno Baby Sunblock are corn-free.

So far these have not been tested.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Delouis Organic Mayo & Mustard

These products are newly discovered and will appear in the next updated corn-free foods list.

Delouis Organic is an imported product from France.

A post on Delphi forums did confirm that the vinegar used in Delouis Organic's mayo (listed as just vinegar) is derived from wheat not corn.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Giambris Natural Candy

According to several posts on Delphi Avoiding Corn Forum: Corn-free Candy Canes, there is a company in New Jersey that makes a corn-free candy candy cane. Giambris Natural Candy Company makes candy canes from pure cane sugar, beet coloring, and oil of peppermint.

However, another poster on Delphi Avoiding Corn Forum: Corn-free Candy Canes called the company to double check on cross-contamination problems.

Giambris Natural's corn-free candy canes are made in the same work area right after and inbetween batches of corn syrup candies. The work area is not cleaned in between batches.

This is a huge issue of cross-contamination and please use caution if you do decide to enjoy them.

This product will not be showing up on the list for this reason.

*Update 12/12/06. Just as an added warning.. A poster on Delphi had already ordered these prior to finding out about the cross-contamination problem, and at a weak moment decided to try them and had a reaction. Her testimonial includes "DO NOT BUY THESE CANDY CANES!" and "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME..."

Monday, November 27, 2006

Hain Celestial Foods

For those of you new to contacting companies about corn ingredients in foods, don't get your hopes up in emailing Hain Celestial.

Those of us who've tried to contact Hain Celestial over the years, have given up on getting cooperation from this company. If your allergy is not: peanuts, soy, milk, eggs, fish, crustaceans, treenuts, or wheat.. They will not help you but will send you a form letter much like the one found here: Delphi Forums - Earth's Best Baby Foods

While they are excellent at those listed allergens, they completely refuse to help those of us with other allergies.

They are supposedly more helpful by phone, but they are still quite uncooperative.

I would recommend using extreme caution in using any of their products that are not currently on the list as cross-contamination seems to be a big issue as well as hidden corn.

On their products, we are limited to human (guinea pig) testing in order to determine corn-free status. There are a few products by Hain Celestial on the list that have passed human testing. Please let us know if you have any problems with any of their products. Thanks.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Products

Back in Sept, before this blog got started. There was a post on Delphi Forums about Mrs. Meyer's products.

The following products were confirmed with the company to contain corn:

Window Spray (contains Ethanol)
Stainless Steel Cleaner (contains Ethanol)
Automatic Dishwashing Liquid (contains Xanthan Gum - corn or soy derived)
Toilet Bowl Cleaner (contains Xanthan Gum - corn or soy derived)
Laundry Detergent (caramel color derived from corn)
Liquid Dish Soap (caramel color and Ethanol)
All-Purpose Cleaner (caramel color derived from corn)

Arrowhead Mills - Flours

According to a post on Delphi Forums there is a high risk of corn contamination with Arrowhead Mills Spelt Flour.

Corn Pasta and Popcorn are produced in the same facility.

Another post of correspondence from Arrowhead Mills states that they do not consider corn an allergen and thus do not monitor it. Arrowhead Mills is owned by the Hain Celestial Group, which is known for its uncooperativeness with regards to corn inquiries.

Also the enrichments in their flours do contain either corn or soy, without knowing which. Their enriched products are not recommended.

I have not seen any reports of adverse reactions to their unenriched flours as of yet, so they will be staying on the list with a cross-contamination warning.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Yummy Earth Products

This is one of the products researched before the start of this blog. So I'm reposting a bit from the News for Corn Avoiders blog so it'll show up on searches here if someone is curious about Yummy Earth and wants more info.

A while ago on the News for Corn Avoiders blog, we did a post about Yummy Earth lollipops and how helpful and honest the company was about the sources of their ingredients.

Recently, Yummy Earth came to Delphi Forums and posted some updated information.

Yummy Earth, due to demand, has expanded their product lines to include "drops" or individual hard candies without the stick.

They've also started selling their products in individual flavors so you're not stuck with that one flavor you can't eat (due to allergy) or that you just don't like.

If you're like me, you're a big Yummy Earth fan, and you just can't wait to order a bulk of your favorite flavor... I've included a link that goes directly to their ordering site.

Yummy Earth Online Shop

(Yummy Earth products are also available on

** Updated info on ingredients: 12/19/2006

Yummy Earth came onto Delphi and posted the following:

"we got an inquiry asking about citrus oils and safflower oils in each of our flavors, so naturally I thought of telling all of you, too!!!

As posted at

Razzmatazz Berry - No Safflower, No Orange, No Lemon

Wet-Face Watermelon - Safflower Yes, No Orange, No Lemon

Cheeky Lemon - No Safflower, No Orange, Lemon Yes

Orange Squeeze - No Safflower, Orange Yes, No Lemon

Pomegranate Pucker - No Safflower, Orange Yes, Lemon Yes"

So far there has been no reported corn-related reactions to these products.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Seventh Generation - Reverified

Due to some questions about Seventh Generation's website claiming corn in their products, one member of the Delphi forum verified with Seventh Generation the source of their surfactants is now only coconut oil.

However, their toilet cleaner and all-purpose spray are not corn-free.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Frontier Vanilla Flavoring

I am unsure whether to keep this on the list or not, but I will post here the findings on this product so you all can make better educated decisions regarding your own health.

Frontier Vanilla Making explains how they make vanilla. Which by their use of ethyl alcohol, makes their Vanilla Extract full of corn.

However, the question is if their Vanilla Flavor (glycerin-based)is truely corn-free?

Frontier Glossary states: "Frontier carries USP-grade Glycerin 99.7% made from palm oil."

We do not know what that extra .3% is in their glycerin and could be anything. As of yet, I am not aware of any reactions to this product, but keep your eyes open.

*11/27/06 - Update

An inquiry made into Frontier's Alcohol-Free Vanilla (aka Vanilla Flavor) has verified that there is possibility of trace amounts of corn to be in the product.

The vanilla extract used in the product is made from vanilla extracted with corn alcohol, then distilled to remove the alcohol, then is mixed with the glycerin.

Any corn remaining from this process would be minimal, but it is still a risk. Use your own judgement.

As of today, I am not aware of any reactions to the Alcohol-Free Frontier Vanilla Flavor.

Bare Escentuals - May cause irritation

A common ingredient in mineral powders is Bismuth Oxychloride, which due to some research is a very common irritant.

An article by Lynn Starner explains better what Bismuth Oxychloride is and where it comes from.

So when using cosmetics with this ingredient, skin irritation may or may not be corn-related. Just an FYI.

Dei Frattelli - Corn based Citric Acid Added

Some Dei Frattelli products have recently added citric acid. According to a post on Delphi - Avoiding Corn Forum, Dei Frattelli has added citric acid to their crushed and pureed tomato products.

It is unknown if the labels of Dei Frattelli tomatoes that do not list citric acid, are safe as often companies use up their old labels first.

This item will be removed from the list.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

India Tree Decorator/Sanding Sugars

A discussion on Delphi - Avoiding Corn has lead to the following information.

It seems that inbetween processing the different decorator sugars, India Tree does not clean its lines, but blows off the machinery. Making any allergens airborne. Some of their decorator sugars (sanding sugars) contain maltodextrin (corn derivative) so there is a high chance of cross-contamination with these products.

Use with caution.

Carlson Labs - Fish Oil

According to a company response posted on Delphi - Avoiding Corn Carlson Labs' Fish Oil liquid is corn-free. Their products with sorbitol and fructose do contain corn.

Barbara's Bakery - Mashed Potatoes

According to a report on Delphi - Avoiding Corn, Barbara's Bakery potato chips are corn-free.

There was a miscommunication. Their chips are corn-free, however their mashed potatoes are not. The mashed potatoes are spun and dried in a drum coated with a layer of corn-derived citric acid.

This is a major cross-contamination problem and sensitive people should make note to avoid the mashed potatoes at all costs.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Barilla - Cross Contamination Problem

We have not added Barilla pasta to the safelist due to several reported reactions.

One of the Delphi - Corn Avoiders recently called Barilla to check on the ingredients of one of their pasta sauces. See Original post here: Delphi - Avoiding Corn: Barilla Sauce

While Barilla claims not to put any gluten or corn derivatives (citric acid is from tapioca) in their sauce, they did mention that there is a high probability of cross contamination with wheat or corn products.

Their products may be safe for those who are not highly sensitive to corn, but use their products at your own risk as one batch may be safe and another not-so-much.

Not Corn-free Research up until 11-13-06

Since this blog is new, and there has been some research done prior to opening the blog, I thought I'd put a short update on foods already researched either through company correspondence or through human guinea-pig testing.

Some of these products the companies still insist and declare corn-free status, and may be tolerable for those with higher tolerances. However, you have been warned.

Food Items: (listed alphabetically by brand/manufacturer)

365 Sodas (Whole Foods) All varieties - (citric acid is from corn, natural flavors -essential oils)

365 Organic Chicken Broth (now has corn starch)

Applegate Farms company confirms chicken pot pie, black forest ham, chicken nuggets, joystick Salami/Pepperoni/Soppressata (all varieties) contain corn.

Arrowhead Mills puffed cereals - possible cross contamination - reactions reported.

Barilla Pastas - has corn. Probably in the enrichments. Several reactions reported.

Cabot Cheese - Conveyer dressings dusted in corn, cross contamination likely.

Carr's Water Table Crackers: Multiple reactions reported. Possible flour contamination?

Cascadian Farms Purely O's company confirmed corn

Charmin Toilet tissue - contains corn starch.

Del Monte "naturally derived citric acid" is from corn. Citric acid is labeled if used.

Farm Friends Crackers - Malt contains corn grits. Customer service very helpful, looking into ways to make product safe.

Fleishmanns - yeast. Grown on corn.

Gold Medal Flour (unbleached) reported reactions

Gold Medal Organic Unbleached Flour CC 10/06 (multiple reactions)

Heinz vinegars (Cider vinegar is suspect, company never confirmed either way. All others Heinz said contains corn.)

Hodgson Mill Flour (unbleached) (CC) (clean/dust equip with corn starch between runs. not safe)

Hodgson's Mill Yeast – grown on corn.

Kellogg’s Organic Raisin Bran & Organic Mini-Wheats (several reported reactions)

Kleenex Tissues - confirmed corn.

Kirkland Vanilla Ice Cream: corn-free except the vanilla is distilled with corn alcohol.

LeSaffre yeast is grown on corn sugar.

Midel graham crackers and cookies. Trace amounts of corn. Reactions reported.

Namaste mixes (Note: Some contain xanthan gum. Namaste claims corn-free status, but several have reported reactions) CC GF

Newman's Own Spelt Pretzels (and other products) - Newman’s doesn't consider corn allergenic so cross-contamination is a big problem. Several reactions reported.

New Morning Honey Grahams (cream of tartar? corn source?) Has trace amounts of corn. Multiple reactions reported.

Organic Valley says are not cornfree: Buttermilk & Buttermilk powder (culture corn derived), Chocolate Milk, Heavy Whipping Cream, Lactose-free Milk, Eggnog, All soy products, Sour Cream, cream cheese (one of the two cultures is corn derived). Cheeses packaging dusted with cornstarch: See Article on News for Corn Avoiders

Organic Valley Milks – Company confirmed all except those produced at the “55 1224” plant are corn-free. GF However, all enriched ones have several reported reactions.

Piedmont Candy Company sticks - Company confirmed that they use cornstarch in all products.

Red Star Yeast (note: Grown on corn but company swears the final product has no corn after testing) Several reactions.

Rice Dream Cocoa Marble Fudge "Ice Cream" - company no longer says is corn-free.

Pom 400 Toilet Paper (glue at the start is corn and glue to hold paper to roll is corn) paper is corn-free otherwise - Sam's Club

SAF Yeasts - Grown on corn, company claims no corn remains.

Spice Hunter - some products contain maltodextrin. Unsure which ones as of yet.

Snyder of Hanover Pretzel Sticks CC 8/06 (reported reactions, possibly cross-contamination issues)

Spry gum - Xylitol from corn.

StoneyField Farms - All organic yogurts and smoothies - CC 8/06 (caution - vanilla does have corn alcohol, unsure on pectin. Company insists its corn-free) multiple reactions reported.

StoneyField Farms Plain Yogurt (full fat) CC unsure of source of corn, but several reported reactions.

SunMaid Raisins 1-877-415-3397 (multiple reported reactions, esp in Canada)

Terra Chips (Sweet Potato and Other) (processed on same lines with corn, but machinery cleaned between batches) 8/06 – several reported reactions

Tom's of Maine - Company Confirmed that xylitol may be corn or birch depending, and sorbitol is corn.

Walker's Shortbread Cookies (several reported reactions)


Method (Target) - products now have corn listed on the label.

Avalon Organics’: Lavender Shampoo (several reactions reported)
Dr. Bronner Sal-Suds: Lauryl glucoside made from corn.

Excedrine Migraine: company now uses corn in all products.

Freeda Vitamins : Company quickly confirms corn-free status (as well as milk, egg, and yeast free) however on two separate trials of their products severe reactions were reported. Use extreme caution.

Nature’s Plus: Animal Parade Vitamins (corn-reactions reported)

Solgar Vitamins: Company confirms that these are corn-free, though multiple corn allergy reactions have been reported to several different products.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Koala Crisp by Envirokidz

Envirokidz Organic Koala Crisp does not appear on The List because the natural chocolate flavor is in a corn alcohol base. For some corn avoiders, alcohol is not a problem because of its fermented nature and lack of protein. Because people with corn allergies react in many different ways to varying traces of corn, we have opted to keep products with traces of corn off the list.

Piedmont Candy - Removed

According to a post by an avid Corn Avoider, Piedmont Candy Company states that they do use corn starch in all their batches of candy.

This product has been removed from the safe-list and will not appear in next months update.

Peidmont Candy Company

Gold Medal Flours - Removed

Due to multiple reactions, these products are being removed and will not show up in the updated list next month.

If you can tolerate enriched products, then these are probably safe for you. However, if you are extremely sensitive to corn and enriched products, do not take the chance with these flours.

Gold Medal was contacted back in October 2006 and they do claim this product to be corn-free (enrichments and all). However, those of us with severe sensitivities know that what is often considered corn-free, can still contain small amounts of corn.

This includes all Gold Medal flours, regular and organic.

Commentary/Discussion on the Removal of this product from the safe list: Delphi - Avoiding Corn: Flour and yeast.

Stacy's Pita Chips - Removed

Due to several reported reactions to their chips, Stacy's Pita Chips have been removed from the safe-list and will not appear in next month's update.

According to a Canadian Corn Avoider, Stacy's Pita Chips in Canada are now listing ascorbic acid, malted barley, and sorbitan monostearate. Each of these could be a source of corn exposure, and coupled with the reported reactions stemming from the US market as well, this product is no longer to be considered safe.

Friday, November 10, 2006