Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Amy's Kitchen products - Removed

We've removed all Amy's products from our corn-free list. They needed to be re-evaluated anyway, but this posting on our Facebook page in response to an inquiry about corn in their products pushed my hand to remove all their products.

"If Amy's Kitchen adds corn to a product or buys an ingredient that lists corn as a component, it will be shown on our ingredient statement. We are aware that very small amounts of corn based ingredients are sometimes used in the manufacture of ingredients. In many of these instances, the FDA does not require that the corn component be labeled therefore we are not made aware of the corn use from our suppliers. If some corn ingredient was used somewhere in the processing of an ingredient and it was not labeled, it is because the use level is very low (considered incidental) and could have been removed during the manufacture of the ingredient. In these instances, we do not believe there is a dangerous level of protein or DNA from the corn as used in our product"

In other words, an ingredient can be processed using corn and Amy's will still label it "corn-free" because they can (legally it is allowed, even if it may not be safe for corn allergies). Amy's corn-free claims are not be trusted at this point, so use extreme caution with any of their products.

(Products may be allowed back onto the list, but only if they pass human-testing first.)

Annie's Mac & Cheese - not entirely corn-free.

Most Annie's products have been consistently proven to be problematic for those with sensitive corn allergies, and we've had several posts about their seemingly safe looking products being removed from our lists.

Their Mac & Cheese was officially removed a while ago, though it doesn't seem like we made a post about it.  The Mac & Cheese looks good on the label but did not pass our human testing sufficiently.

The annatto coloring agent is suspected but also those products without annatto have caused reactions. The cause of the reactions is unknown at this point but thought to be part of the cheese flavoring packet.

Those less sensitive may find they do well with the product now and then, but it is not recommended for those really sensitive to corn.

Our articles on other Annie's products:
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There are a couple Annie's products still on the  list. Their plain pastas and their mustard. Please use extreme caution with any of their other products.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

BlueBonnet Vitamins & Suppliments

Inquiries into the Bluebonnet company and products as posted on Delphi Forums - Avoiding Corn, has made this company one of our favorites. Keep in mind that not all of their products are corn-free, but their willingness to give out accurate information for people with food allergies has us pretty impressed.

Capsules - made from pine/spruce
Vegetable Cellulose - made from pine/spruce
L-Glutamine - cassava
Calcium Magnesium - corn-free (check labels to make certain you have the right one)

Do be aware though at any of their products containing fructose, Vitamin C, powdered Vitamin D3, or vegetarian glucosamine will not be safe for a corn allergy. These ingredients are confirmed sourced from corn.

The BlueBonnet Calcium Magnesium 1:1 Ratio (pictured here) contains traces of rice. FYI.

Also, their multivitamins are not corn-free. "that all their vitamin C is derived from corn, the vitamin D3 from lanolin contains corn starch in the drying method from an oil to a powder, both of these ingredients are in all their multivitamins."

It's so good to deal with a company who gives you the straight forward truth about what is or isn't in their products. Even though many of their products may not be corn-free, it's nice to know they're honest and we can trust the replies we're given. Kudos BlueBonnet!

Organic Prairie Ground Turkey

A company response posted on our favorite forum - Delphi Forums - Avoiding Corn - states this product to be corn-free.

Organic Prairie's Ground Turkey Chub has no added ingredients to the ground turkey, and the packaging does not contain corn starch as well.

This product still needs testers, so let us know how you are doing with it.